Trudeau Crumbles Under His Own Liberalism

By Matthew Ehret
Strategic Culture Foundation
February 25, 2020

The fight over the construction of a 670 km, $6.6 billion liquefied natural gas (LNG) pipeline stretching from Alberta to ports in British Columbia has absorbed national headlines across Canada and crippled a major component of the Canadian economy in recent weeks. However popular a headline as it may be, this story is not at all what it appears. Mainstream media has tended to twist major facts in order to hide the reality of the strategic fight which ties directly into Canada’s participation in China’s Belt and Road Initiative as well as the systemic effort to keep Canada’s native communities in squalor, poverty and dependence under a dubious Gordian Knot of eco-colonialism which began in earnest over 70 years ago.

Before untying this knot, four truthful facts of the story reported by mainstream media should be outlined:

Fact 1: The protests which began in British Columbia in solidarity with the BC Wet’suwet’en tribe on whose land the Coastal GasLink pipeline passes have spread across Canada’s central and east coast.

Fact 2: Hundreds of freight rail traffic lines, as well as federal and municipal passenger rail, bridges and roads across Canada have been shut down by protesters.

Fact 3: This crisis has risen to a level of intensity such that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been forced to cancel his international campaign to win support from poor nations in his bid to put Canada into the UN Security Council and return home in order to deal with this.

Fact 4: Neither Trudeau, nor any opposition parties have any ability or will to actually resolve this…….

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