By J.B. Williams
March 27th, 2020

[NOTE: Numbers used in this document are accurate as of the date and time of the writing. Numbers will change after publication as additional case information is reported.]

The key to identifying a weaponized biological or chemical agent is determining whether or not the agent has a “descending functionality” or “gain of function” property. Organic mutations of biological material happen all the time. Every year, we see new strains of old viruses. But when someone decides to weaponize a virus, the goal is to add a “gain of function” property to the virus so that it spreads much faster and farther than would otherwise be the case.

Based on the current trajectory of the worldwide CoVid19 “pandemic,” it’s not a stretch to consider the possibility that this is a weaponized version of Coronavirus that has been around since the 1970s. However, this may not be the most important factor to consider in what we are witnessing in the USA and around the globe today.

Whether or not CoVid19 is a Wuhan lab created weaponized version of the Coronavirus, the expanding “global pandemic” has been weaponized by global socialists in the USA and around the world. Although the direct threat to human life remains very small, approximately .00018% of the USA population to date (60,000 cases from 330M people), the weaponized “pandemic” threatens the health and well-being of more than 90% of Americans, via a total economic collapse. It may not be without purpose….

For evidence, look no further than the constant Democrat power-grab attempts in the USA during this “pandemic.”

State and Federal governments have essentially shut down the U.S. economy via “shelter in place” policies, instantly stopping incomes for millions of Americans, many of whom live paycheck to paycheck. But Democrats have seen it fit to go several steps further, instituting bans on gun and ammo sales, calling for mail-in elections, easy to manipulate and impossible to verify, in a nation full of Democrat controlled sanctuary cities……

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