By Robert Bridge
Strategic Culture Foundation
July 20, 2020

Reminiscent of its desire to cancel all uncomfortable discussion on college campuses across the nation, the Democrats are determined to ax a series of scheduled debates between the apparent Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, and the Republican incumbent, Donald Trump. If they succeed, this would be the crowning achievement of the radical left.

The Democratic strategy for getting Joe Biden into the White House without ever emerging from his basement bunker is a stroke of evil genius. Here’s how it works: With the unconditional support of the mainstream media, the left has promoted the narrative, constructed on the back of arguably biased opinion polls (herehere and here, for example), that the heir apparent for the Democratic presidential nomination enjoys an insurmountable lead over Trump.

This allows the Biden camp to argue that it would be more reasonable for their 77-year-old candidate to outright snub the debates, which have been a formal part of the U.S. election process since the 1960 epic showdown between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Only in the current PC climate, when cancel culture has hijacked rational thought, is it possible to imagine a scenario when the public might be denied the right to weigh the results of a formal clash of ideas between two veteran statesmen, one of whom will go on to lead a nation of over 300 million souls.

And then there is the manipulation of Covid-19 to make the case that Trump has proven himself to be unfit to hold office due to his handling of the outbreak. Such one-sided articles have become standard fare around the country, as the media never stops reminding the public that the number of Covid cases is on the rise. What the media almost never mentions, however, is that death rates from the virus have been steadily falling – over 75 percent – since its peak in April. Instead, they cynically declare that the positive results are being “weaponized by the right to claim a hollow victory in the face of shameless failure.”…….

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