By Jake MacAulay
The American View
August 12, 2020

Video Column

Rioters have again converged on Portland neighborhoods chanting, "Every city, every town. Burn the precincts to the ground."

This time, on the 70th night of their lawless attacks, a pair of elderly women met these leftists head-on in Portland, Oregon. The target this time was the city's east precinct.

The station reported that an elderly woman who said she lives in the neighborhood pleaded with the group to stop the vandalism and stood in the way of those who were splashing paint on the plywood outside the building.

So the rioters did what any anarchist would do: they splashed paint on her and wrapped crime scene tape around her head.

As I read an article highlighting the story, the part that got my attention wasn’t the behavior of these humans acting like animals.

No, there was something more to the story that stood out to me. It was the words that this mob yelled at the woman, “This isn’t your world anymore!”

Let that sink in for second…

“This isn’t your world anymore! This isn’t your world anymore!”

The reality is, these criminals are right. This old woman’s sense of virtue, honor, respect for law, and plain humanity no longer have a place in the “new world” lawless rioters are creating.

Thankfully at this point and time these grown children are only throwing silly temper tantrums. However, while we focus energy and anger on them, I believe we are being sidetracked from paying attention to the orchestrators of this chaos.

Ask yourself:

Why are police not encouraged to get this under control?

Why are the governors, mayors, council members, and civil magistrates not cleaning this mess up when it could be done quickly and efficiently?

Why is the President excoriated for offering aid and assistance to citizens in these war zones that he swore an oath to protect?

It is almost like these lawless leaders are proud, like proud parents…….

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