By VOA News
September 12, 2020

Calmer winds and rising humidity are helping firefighters battle more than 100 wildfires Saturday that continue to rage largely uncontrolled along the U.S. West Coast, and President Donald Trump announced he would visit California on Monday to see the devastation himself.

After days of hot, windy weather, on Saturday the winds calmed and shifted to the west, bringing cooler, more moist weather from the ocean to help firefighters in California, Oregon and Washington state, where entire towns have been incinerated and at least 28 people killed.

The thick smoke that hung in the air brought lower temperatures and higher humidity. It also brought the dirtiest air in 35 years to some cities, triggering health warnings and prompting officials to urge residents to remain indoors.

In Salem, the state capital of Oregon, the air quality index reading was 512 on Saturday morning. The scale tops out at 500. Anything above 200 is considered “very unhealthy,” and anything above 300 is deemed “hazardous.”

In Paradise, California, a city devastated by wildfire in 2018, the reading was 592, according to the PurpleAir monitoring site…….

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