By Jake MacAulay
The American View
September 9, 2020

Video Column

Recently, I was emailed by a fellow patriot in Colorado. The email contained a letter from the Department of Regulatory Agencies of Colorado concerning the “safer at home” Labor Day weekend. In summary, the letter decreed that all Labor Day celebrations adhere to the strict COVID-19 guidelines set by the state government. If the regulations were to be disobeyed, anyone present would have their work licenses revoked or at least, negatively affected.

In addition to the license warning, the letter also addressed the rise in COVIC-19 cases throughout the month of July. While forgetting the BLM riots which certainly did not abide by any health ordinances, the Department undoubtedly blamed the sudden spike on those participating in July 4th Independence Day celebrations without adhering to CDC health ordinances.

Those from this department concluded that, in order to stop another spike in cases like the one from mid-July, the health ordinances must be strictly followed under the “force of law.” In their “professional” opinion, these celebrations of freedom cannot be so freely celebrated.

But is Labor Day a true celebration of freedom to begin with?

In the late 19th century, millions of European citizens began to flee to America, many for its Capitalist free market opportunities. These immigrants brought with them the numerous Communist theories they had learned from men like Karl Marx. Upon arrival to America, they realized how “unfair” the free market of America was in the Industrial era…….

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