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November 13, 2020

"Catholic" Joe Biden: The Deep Church and Spiritual Warfare

Ted Flynn of "Signs & Wonders" discusses the spiritual dimension of the stolen election controversy, as the Vatican and the U.S. Catholic Bishops have "recognized" Joe Biden as American president, despite no official certification of the results. What can Christians do? Tune in to learn the horrifying truth and how the forces of darkness can be defeated.

The Man Who Predicted The Vote Fraud

JB Williams predicted the vote fraud for Biden and explains how it was carried out -- and how the courts, hopefully, will correct the situation. He looks at how the court cases may proceed and for how long. He says the stakes involve a potential civil war. Go to for updates. Use the contact form and click "give" to support our educational mission.

10 Million Illegal Votes!

JB Williams of the North American Law Center discusses evidence of massive fraud in Pennsylvania, including dead people voting through mail-in ballots. The co-author of the book "Trumped: The New American Revolution," he predicted in an August 6 column that mail-in voting schemes were ripe for fraud. In this episode of ASI TV, one of two, he talks about actual cases of fraud, including a poll watcher arrested for blowing the whistle on the unfolding fraudulent schemes on election day. He said the voter fraud conspiracy is multi-state and that as many as 10 million votes nationwide were illegal.

Trump's Dead-End Election Fraud Legal Strategy

Attorney Larry Klayman, author of the new book, "It Takes a Revolution," says Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon are leading Americans astray by saying Trump is waging a successful legal battle to stay in the White House. He says the federal courts are corrupt and unlikely to rule in his favor, to the extent necessary to flip the "results" in several states and overturn the "victory" of the Biden/Harris ticket. Larry advises people to abandon cable channels like Fox and Newsmax that feed on the scandal industry and seek alternative news and information from channels like America's Survival TV. Go to and for updates on this national emergency.

America's Survival TV on "Election Fraud"

Attorney David G. Evans is an eyewitness to the election fraud which occurred in Detroit, Michigan. He talks with host Cliff Kincaid about the evidence, the court cases, and how President Trump can win this election in the end. Go to for evidence of fraud and click the "give" tab at the top of the America's Survival, Inc. home page to support our efforts to tell the truth and avoid Big Tech censorship.