By Jake MacAulay
The American View
January 6, 2021

Video Column

Every so often we get stung because we forget something that we should never forget.

We forget that men are capable of desperate wickedness.

Thankfully, the Founders of America were well studied in God’s Word, which describes man’s sinful nature and just how dark and deceitful his heart can be. And we should thank Almighty God that they incorporated this truth into our constitutions and our legal system.

Back in 1646, in a work titled “Limitation of Government,” Reverend John Cotton explained the need to limit governmental power because of the corrupt nature of human beings.

“Let all the world learn to give mortal men no greater power than they are content they shall use--for use it they will…,” he wrote.

“And unless they be better taught of God, they will use it ever and anon….”

“There is a strain in a man's heart…” he continued, “…that will sometime or other run to excess…; it is necessary, therefore, that all power…on earth be limited.”

This is why our State Constitutions wisely place limits on the power of governors and other officials. -- And provide lawful remedies when those limits are transgressed.

One such Governor is Minnesota’s Tim Walz, who served up a ghastly Christmas gift to his states small businesses. An executive order that in effect prohibits dine-in service at Minnesota bars and restaurants.

Shortly after the order was made the Minnesota Department of Health went on a rampage against the states small restaurants announcing numerous lawsuits with assistance from the states Attorney General’s Office of Keith Ellison.

One such victim was a small-town restaurant named Haven’s Garden. The restaurant served customers indoors, in violation of an executive order issued by the Minnesota governor.

Thankfully, Haven’s Garden owner Larvita McFarquhar knows that there is no authority in the Minnesota Constitution for a Governor to close any business, nor is there authority for the Governor to magically create legislation with his pen…….

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