Why the Tea Parties?

By Jack H. Swift, Esq.

April 11, 2009


On tax day, April 15, there will be hundreds of taxpayer protests all over the nation, more than 360 of them in all 50 states. Here in Oregon, one organization, Americans for Prosperity, is sponsoring 15 such protests, from Astoria to La Grande and from Medford to Portland. The popular enthusiasm for such taxpayer protests is staggering. One has to wonder why. The current administration has not yet dropped any new and burdensome taxes on anyone. What’s the beef with taxes?

Most of our governments, local and state, depend on taxes. Taxes, and specifically the taxpayers’ willingness to accept or reject taxes are the only reins the people have on government. On April 15, the people will be serving notice that the people are pulling on those reins and they intend to pull hard. The people have had enough of runaway government.

The current national administration has exponentially expanded government and government control of industry, banking, our money, and even private property. In fewer than 100 days, they have done this to a degree unheard of in our history. In so doing, they have created debts for us we cannot repay in our lifetimes. They have exposed us to the certainty of $1.6 trillion in hyper-inflation. Concerned citizens across the country are say, “Enough!” “Stop the bailouts.” “Stop the stimulus.” “Stop spending.” “Stop borrowing.” “Stop expanding government.”

Our nation is at a crossroads in its history. Quite literally, a line is being drawn in the sand. Shall our nation continue a runaway stampede to a system of national socialism as adopted in Germany in the 1930s or shall we draw back and insist upon the interests of individual freedom, liberty, and private property? The protest on tax day will not be about taxes. It will be a demand that we want our country back. It will be a rejection of collectivism under whatever form: national socialism, communism or fascism.

This is a moment in our history for recall of the original Boston Tea Party and the Declaration of Independence that protest ultimately spawned. That declaration recites a litany of grievances of the people that ultimately led to revolution. Unbelievably, the government we have created has today burdened us with exactly the wrongs of King George. The people are demanding redress once again.

Our fathers’ complaints about the government of King George were essentially three……..

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Jack H. Swift is also the Chapter Coordinator for Americans For Prosperity in Josephine County, Oregon

Jack Swift is an attorney licensed in California and Oregon who was inactive and living semi-retired in rural Oregon until Measure 49 came along. The law was a third career for Swift who began as a high school teacher of Latin and English and then followed a long term career in sales. His law career involved a specialized practice in Admiralty and Maritime Law which gained him experience in the Federal Courts. Along the way he also fell into civil rights controversies always involving Constitutional issues. He has appeared in cases in Australia, Mexico, Florida, Alaska, Louisiana, California, and Oregon and has argued successfully before the 9th Circuit. He was part of the team of lawyers that prosecuted the Judge Panner case in Medford.

He is a graduate of Georgetown University and Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He resides in Grants Pass with his wife Cathy. He has two sons and two grandchildren. He is active in community affairs as the Chapter Coordinator for Josephine County Americans for Prosperity and is the Vice Chairman of Southern Oregon Resource Alliance (SORA).


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