By Jake MacAulay
The American View
February 12, 2019

Video Column:

Among his ardent supporters, President Donald Trump’s recent State of the Union speech has been hailed as a masterpiece. Particularly praised by pundits is his dramatic declaration that the United States will never be a socialist country.

This remark was a pointed rebuke of his political opponents, including Senator Bernie Sanders, to whom the television cameras immediately panned.

Some are suggesting that this sound byte might be remembered historically.

I can’t predict if this quote will become a piece of history, but I can assure you this statement is not true, although I wish it were.

I say this because America is already a socialist country.

It didn’t start out that way. As the President noted, “We were born free…” but disturbingly, the America of today is thoroughly saturated in socialism.

In creating the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx, a German philosopher and atheist, designed ten planks AS A TEST to determine whether a society has become communist or not. If they are all in effect and in force, then the people ARE practicing communists.

Consider that most of the audience that applauded the president’s remark is an audience that has accepted, embraced and voted to fund seven of those ten planks:

• A socialist system of education for their children,
• A socialist, government-managed healthcare system,
• A completely socialist universal retirement program,
• A massive socialist bailout of the automobile industry and the banking industry,
• A socialist system of agriculture subsidies,
• A socialist taxation of real property,
• and arguably the largest social welfare system in the history of the universe…….

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