By Mohammed Yusuf
VOA News
April 03, 2019

BEIRA, MOZAMBIQUE — Mozambique health officials are in a rush to stop the spread of the cholera, which has claimed the lives of at least two people in the port city of Beira and made more than 1,000 others ill.

Marcelo Sangolane, 40, is one of the hundreds of Mozambicans who lined up Wednesday to get a cholera vaccination in Beira.

He said what he knows about cholera is that it’s a deadly disease. If it spreads, it kills many people. "I have to be here in line to prevent myself from getting cholera," Marcelo told VOA.

Mozambican officials and relief agencies have launched a seven-day campaign in four districts in the country’s center to combat the spread of cholera.

The bacterial disease broke out after the cyclone’s heavy winds and rains flooded sewers, spreading dirty water.

Cyclone survivor Aida Franciso is leaving nothing to chance. She said she was in line because she fears cholera is a disease that kills within 24 hours. That’s why she’s was to get the vaccination, Franciso told VOA…….

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