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Elinor Montgomery’s novel, Where The Paths Meet On The Road To Greatness, is now available. The price is given in Canadian dollars but the price is discounted for the American market according to the rate of exchange. No tax will be charged, however, there is an added, reasonable shipping fee.

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$22.95 CDN

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If you ever want to get understanding, and the Bible tells us that, in all your getting to get understanding (see Proverbs 4:7), then I guarantee you that you are buying it in bulk in this little book. Could our hero, Don Buenogina, be the bodyguard for not only the President and his family, but also for the entire nation? I invite you and challenge you to take a leap into fiction and reality, which will paint a picture of the path this nation must take if she is ever to achieve her destiny for greatness.

As a note from the author, particularly for News n Blues readers, I want to dedicate this book to all my loyal readers who have faithfully remained with me over the many years that I have been writing commentaries under the authorship of Voice of the Kingfisher.



This is an amazing story of a fictitious president and a fictitious woman. His story is based on the actual political scenario we are facing in the United States and the world today. Hers is based on the true facts of the life of our own commentator who has written for us from a different perspective for years under the label of the Voice of the Kingfisher. What is that perspective? The story will grip you to the end where their paths finally meet. I have never read a story before quite like it.

Yvonne Adams
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A true story, such as this one, comes along once in a lifetime. Margie sat down with a cup of coffee and gazed out at the view of the lake and, in memory, began to relive the secret life of an eighty-five-year-old woman. She was made to think of the wave of change, which is sweeping over the nation presently, with the strength of a tsunami force, such that it could affect the entire world.

At the same time, a fictitious story of a president, based on the facts of the political scenario of the day, is woven into her story, with the aid of the bodyguard of the First Lady, who strikes up an unusual relationship with her, one which could reach all the way to the ears of the President. The paths taken, one by this woman called Margie, and the other, by the President, seem to be moving toward a climactic point where they meet on the road to greatness.

This President’s strongest desire is to return pride and patriotism to his people, which had been stolen from them by a previous administration, leaving behind angry mobs now demonstrating in the streets. Presently, their anger has taken a new direction, which has resulted in violence, and the destruction of private property. Although Canadian, Margie’s roots run deeply back in time to the early settlement of New York City, making it difficult for her to separate the strong family ties and moral values, which unite these two nations into one society of people.

Her story is an astounding one, which begins with a young, small-town girl of 19 years of age who, while on summer break from university, crossed the country from eastern Ontario to travel west on the train to Banff, Alberta, where she had been hired to work for the duration of her vacation at the Banff Springs Hotel. It was one of the grandes dames of the Canadian Pacific Railway chain of exquisitely appointed hotels, to which university students vied for positions of employment for the summer.

Margie had the honored position of that of being an elevator operator. It seemed to be a position slightly more coveted than that of a chamber maid, who had to clean the toilets, but inferior to that of a waitress, who could make a fair sum of money in tips over the summer. It is here her story begins, where the socially elite of the world, including Marilyn Monroe, stepped into her elevator every day. She was regularly asked where she lived and which university she attended. There was a sharp divide between the summer staff and those who worked in the hotel business for a living.

Another group who came into her elevator each day was the Bellhops, who mimicked the guests who regularly teased them about having their ‘ups and downs’. These bellhops were of far greater interest to Margie at the time, so much so, that she married one of them who was a young law student. Several years later she and her husband found themselves in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, where he had been asked to take over the management of the Ottawa branch of the Canadian Manufacturers’ Association as lawyer and lobbyist for the manufacturers.

This was the beginning of another stage in her life. She would be exposed to the workings of government, from the bottom to the top, especially the lobbying business. At the time, she and her husband, Wil, had a country house near Mont Tremblant in Quebec, which was a 2-hour drive from Ottawa. Many government employees and their wives would stay with them in the country, including the Prime Minister and his wife, the Finance Minister and his wife and the wife of the American Ambassador to Canada. I guess you could say Margie would climb to the top of the government ladder. Still, this was nowhere near the top of another ladder, where she would soon be taken, leading her onto a path, meeting at a crossroad with the path leading to the President of the United States.

Margie could not imagine how a young girl with as many phobias as she had, had travelled as far as she had travelled to have reached a point where she found herself at this moment in time. She had so much valuable information sitting in the pages of her writings, the thousands upon thousands of pages she had written over a period of some 23 years.

Margie picked up her pen once more and began writing the story she believed was intended for the President’s desk.


Elinor Montgomery was born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, September 21, 1933. She graduated from Queens University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and, within two years, she and Doug Montgomery, a law graduate from Quebec, were married. Some while later, a daughter, Sara Jane, joined the family.

In those early years, while her husband was practising law in rural Quebec, they began attending farm auctions in search of antique Quebec pine furniture. This would eventually lead to Elinor buying antiques in England and Scotland for Canadian dealers, shipping them back home by the container load. With a move to Ottawa, many changes took place in all of their lives, which ultimately would lead to her developing a new interest in the world of politics, while leaving the entrepreneurial spirit behind.

This was the beginning of a most extraordinary story, which she feels she must tell. Her life would be changed forever, as would the lives of those around her. The question facing the reader is just how far the effects will be felt as her story continues to unfold.