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Special Alert! Now is the time

Cry Aloud at the Crossroads November 12, 2020


Cry out for the time has come for this nation to hear from the Church. America is God’s land, His army and His people. Why should we allow the enemy to take over our land and lure our children away? The enemy has been in the process of stealing our people, our homes, and our schools while we were sleeping. Repent and rise up, for the silver bugle call can be heard in the distance. The Lord is rallying His troops. We ask you to show up and be there in your homes, at work, or wherever two are gathered together to repent and pray. Even when one is alone, yours can be one of the loud voices heard across this land, coming from God’s people below.

I believe that November 12, 2020 marks the dawn of a new day in the glorious history of America. We awake this morning with pain in our hearts, which will give way at nighttime when the air is heavy with the joy of victory in a land oh so ready for a change of direction. Look up my friends to see a rainbow in the cloud, and the promise of remembrance in the broken light! We will be ready, Lord, to go with the covenant the rest of the distance along the Way, just as David knew the victory against the giant was his, with God at his side.