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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

February 12, 2021

“WHO WHO,” said the owl, while the throng milled about,
“This cannot be allowed,” said he to the bee,
“It’s time for a sting and a national shout.”

With a sniff of Fauci’s nose and a touch on the mouth,
“We’ll cover the nation from north to south.

It won’t hurt them to suffer – let them buy a puffer!”

“WHO WHO,” said the owl, as the dog gave a growl.
The animals smelled their prey and let out a howl.
“They must wear a mask,” said pigeon with his flask.
“He’s drunk with power,” said owl, “but he’s up to the task.

He can carry the message to our friends in the East.
With some help from them, we can deliver a world feast.
They have that place Wuhan, where they manufacture disease.
Why do it ourselves, when they can do it with ease?

They can pack it on planes and send it our way.
“WHO WHO,” said the owl, “we’re about to have our day.”

“But there is something left to do,” said Fauci with a sneer.
“They are the ‘deplorables’, you know, who need to disappear.
We will keep them in their homes and close up their stores.
We’ll shut down their businesses and board up their doors.”

We must remember the children, for they need lockdown too,
We can watch them suffer until they cry, ‘boo hoo.’
We must not give ourselves away, as we keep up the façade.
With grins on our faces, they’ll never know they’ve been had.”

“WHO WHO,” said the owl, “what a day this will be!
The flags will come down, and we’ll rule from sea to sea.”

Fauci frowned in anguish at a terrible thought.
“There is one more thing that cannot be bought.
This is all important, if we’re to do our job well.
For it will never be over until Trump rots in hell.”

“Impeach! Impeach!” they say, “We’ll get him this way.”

“Be careful, my friends, as we mock him in rhyme!
We may live to see him come back one more time.

WHO WHO,” said the very wise, crafty owl.
“It may very well happen in His time at His call!”


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