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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

April 13, 2021

It was her maiden voyage as the Titanic skimmed across the surface of the sea at an amazing speed. Everyone knew she was the Queen of the White Star Steamship Line and she was going to prove it on this very day. Unknown to her, on that same day that she was supposed to glorify herself and move luxuriously over the surface of the seawater, she was about to receive double in the cup that had been mixed for her.

“Not even God could take her down”, her architects had said. One could almost see a smile on her face as her bow sliced through the waters seeming to declare, “I sit as queen over the sea!” She had glorified herself in luxury and the rich and the powerful delighted in being seen on the first-class deck. Light bulbs had flashed with pictures of the departure of this magnificent beauty being displayed to her adoring public around the entire world.

Of course, the Deplorables would be locked down in the lower decks, apart from the upper ones, where they would be forced into confinement within their own quarters below. Nothing was to be seen or heard from them, which might tarnish the picture, which the designers of the ship wanted to project. This was the elite lady for whom the royal ambience was being created, while the others were like a people in quarantine with a plague in their midst.

These poor sods could endure the humiliations, for they were full of excitement with the hope of a glorious new future just ahead for them on the western horizon. At last, it was within their grasp in that wonderful New World of America where dreams came true and everyone could climb the ladder of success, if they wanted to work hard to do so. Sacrifices had to be made at first before receiving their just rewards of a glorious future for their children. There was no question about it. One day they would walk on the top decks with the swells to lay claim to their just rewards.

Yet the minute they came on board there was an atmosphere that they, as people, did not count in the same way that the upper society counted. This could not be missed when the iron gates were closed behind them, and lock-down separated them for the duration of the trip.

They would never be allowed to sit at society’s candle-lit, elegant dinner-tables, in their rich, evening-clothes, or would they dance and gamble in their luxuriously appointed lounges. They would not even be allowed to attend one of their open church services on deck as they leaned against the locked grates of the lock-down doors holding them back like birds in a cage. But then they would remember it was for but a short time, and then they would never need to be in this position again.

Up above, the elitist group hustled about finding their quarters, grateful that they were sharing space with only people like themselves, climbing the ladder of the rich and the powerful, to remain within their tightly closed circle. They were women of fashion, beautifully coiffed, never having known a day of the hard work their laundry women had to do, or the scrubbing and cleaning that their maids and cooks did. They even had maids who were required to dress them.

The gentlemen were dressed impeccably by their valets and smoked only the best cigars. After all, it was very important to keep up the image of one oozing with success. With all these reporters and flashing cameras, their success financially could be seen in the media of both hemispheres of the globe. Everything was moving onto a global scale and this ship was the place to be seen by the entire world at this moment in time. It was an occasion for them to strut about the deck like peacocks.

And so, the music played as the genteel, upper class of society danced the night away on the upper decks and the lowly working-class man rolled up his sleeves, drank his beer, and grabbed a female with whom he could dance a wee jig, on the lower decks.

Both groups felt the slight lurch as the lights dimmed almost unperceptively. The music continued, as though nothing had happened. No one had a worry on such a boat as this. Its name, the Titanic, had never been considered by anyone for one minute, or they might have recollected that the powerful, war-like, Titan mythological gods and goddesses of Babel had eventually given way to the Olympic gods of Olympia, as had the brutality of the Babylonian and Medo-Persian Empires given way to the Secular Humanism of the Greek Empire with its philosophers.

Was there another empire move afoot and already in the works right here on this ship? Would Rome be bypassed or would it be the final second leg of the Revived Roman Empire surfacing again? Would this be the inevitable attack of the Antichrist seeking his one hour of glory on the throne where he could be worshiped like the Most High God on a One World Order scale?


All those thousands of years ago a close descendant of Noah, called Nimrod, thought that he could challenge the God of the universe and build his own tower of Babel to heaven without Him. He would develop his tower-building technology and would not bow to the God of the heavens, as had his great grand-father, Noah, who built his towering ark according to God’s specifications. Unlike the Titanic, there was no error in his supremely-guided, architectural plans.

Nimrod would build so high that neither flood nor fire would be able to take his tower down. Unfortunately there was a fly in his ointment, by the name of Abraham, another of his not-so-distant relatives whom, like their ancestor, Noah, had been blessed rather than cursed. The curse had been the fate of Nimrod’s line, from the minute the three sons of Noah had stepped off the ark.

This man called Abraham was a real hindrance to Nimrod’s plans of grandeur, for the man had pledged allegiance to the God Most High. Oh well, he would hunt him down and easily destroy him for the man did not know how to build anything. He was just a herdsman and a shepherd - one of those Deplorables meant to be eliminated in the bigger scheme of things.

Nimrod became a mighty hunter on earth, and he would make Abraham one of his hunted by uniting the hunters together so they would succeed. Yes, they would form a One World Order, get rid of Abraham’s people who had a binding covenant with their God and be back in position to be kings of the world, as his building prowess at Babel had suggested he was.

There would always be room for more than one religion and one God. But this God of Abraham had forced the people of Babel to be separated by dividing their language, at which point all the descendants of Noah were forced apart into their own religious cults and gods – all that was, except Abraham and his one true God Most High who were bound together by an everlasting covenant. This was the God of Noah and the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

‘No,’ thought Nimrod, ‘He must challenge Abraham and all his people. What better place than the Valley of Siddim near the Dead Sea and Sodom, where he could capture Lot, Abraham’s nephew, at the same time and wipe their whole line out from the face of the earth?’


Was there another lurch of the ship, lasting like what seemed to be a few moments longer than the first ones? Why was the alarm bell ringing and why were the women and children being asked to put on their life jackets? Maybe it was just a practice exercise, for nothing could happen to this boat. Everyone knew that not even God could sink it. Or was there just a niggling suspicion that they had been lied to by the ship’s adoring media?

Had the kings of the earth really committed fornication and lived luxuriously with these religious, mythical gods and goddesses of the empires when God had given them the better way of truth on the pure white pages of the Bible? How could they not hate them at this moment, BABYLON THE GREAT, the religious mother of all harlots to their God?

Surely they should have seen that it was all lies. Why had they not read those pages that would have floated on the seawaters at this time and never have sunk with any boat called the Titanic, reminiscent of a bunch of old dead carved gods and goddesses from Babylon? Was it possible that God Almighty was about to bring judgment down on them in one hour just as he had warned He would do in the Bible?



How interesting it is that there is another Hunter today sitting proudly at the helm of another potentially sinking ship called the Americus. Could he be a cursed, spiritual descendant of Nimrod and the cursed family of Ham, son of Noah? We have all come from Noah, some blessed and some cursed, and there is one place we do not want to go at this time. We do not want to board the Olympic to become a torchbearer for the Olympic gods by running in their races and carrying their gods’ torch instead of running for our God’s torch of liberty.

God showed Abraham in a dream that it could mean the difference between life and death. There is but one torch of liberty in the entire world and let us, as North Americans of God’s two nations of His people, shout it loud and clear as His witnesses for the Light of the world.

The decision we make today concerning what we do with the Olympic Games honoring the false gods of yesterday will determine the very future of tomorrow for our nation. It will determine whether we have repented in earnest of our evil ways as a nation that has endorsed these foolish cultic gods and goddesses of the multicultural nations. Have we turned back to the one true God to worship only Him whom we have declared to have dominion from sea to sea and to be the only God in whom we trust?

If we do not mean to declare our position against the evil that has captured this land, then put our masks back on again, accept the rules of big brother, the government and the swamp. Offer no threat to the bullies who want you isolated from each other in lock-down forever, while they worship the earth goddess Gaia, better known as Mother Nature.

Send your best, if you so desire, to China, a nation, which honors the serpent, serves the empire kings of the devil and openly declare your commitment to the forbidden, multicultural gods and goddesses of the empires. Go to China and take up the counterfeit torch that lures you out of liberty and into enslavement and death. In so doing you will set the flames to your own national destruction. You quite likely will find yourself dancing on another ship about to go down. Her name is the Olympic, presently getting ready to leave for ports eastward.

The children of the Abramic covenant, on the other hand, are preparing and about to board ship and journey westward on the heavenly boat to the kingdom. Choose this day whom your God is and whom you shall worship for your very life depends upon it.

How easily liberalism has persuaded America that Multiculturalism is the way to go! Can you not see that you have been duped by a pathetic little man and his dissipated son called Hunter who are responsible for the deaths of many, young children and youths dying of drug overdose and sexual abuse?

The compliant media will most definitely be running right behind them, in hopes of catching the departing Olympic. I would suggest to you that they will have a one-way ticket for the journey. Oddly enough, I see them in my mind’s eye all dressed in the finery of women’s clothing, with the peacock feathers adorning their hats and blowing in the wind.

I guess my question to you is whether or not you want to purchase a ticket for the same crossing. Choose this day your God whom you will worship. Your very life depends upon it, as does the life of the nation.

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