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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out … from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

May 29, 2021

Two of the most significant, yet least understood, books of the Bible are written without the work of human hands. One could say they were written on stone in the manner of the Ten Commandments-–by the finger and Spirit of God. They establish the church as the womanhood of mankind, brought forth on the pure, white pages of a scroll written on both sides, which, today we call the Bible. They come as the grain delivery of the stored truth of God’s Word, much as the life-sustaining grain from God came for a forming nation and was stored by Joseph in Egypt. It provided the necessary sustenance that would save the lives of his brothers as well as those who came to him from the rest of the known world of his time for the same life-saving food. It would be the means by which God would save a small family, which would develop into the fledgling nation of Israel.

Note that Ruth of the Book of Ruth was blessed by the grain in the grain field of Boaz, her near relative and redeemer through her mother-in-law and mother of her late husband. One could almost say that it was like the saving grace of the manna in the wilderness that came down from heaven as sustenance for this same nation. It all adds up to pure, white pages with a spine uniting them. They will flow right to the bride as they rest on top of the seawaters of the world, controlled by the Lord who walks on the water. They will come to her door; while at the same time, the Lord will lift up the gates of her heart, and dance His way into the King’s Town. Who is the Lord? He is the King of glory introduced in Psalm 24; He is the Lord of hosts.

We next look at the second book, the Book of Job, also written by the Spirit and the finger of God as a part of the history of His Story. Here we discover how the Lord will close history with an arousing kiss from the Bridegroom who will revive His sleeping bride after hundreds of years in captivity to the Empire System of Babylon. This points specifically to three distinct types of religious priesthoods (Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar). They represent the religious systems of the Levitical priesthood, the Judaic priesthood and the present-day, religious priesthoods of Christianity.

The Lord allows Satan to attack the flesh of man, searing him with pain, which will lead to his separation from the world he knows and loves until he becomes a man forsaken by his friends and caught in circumstances, which appear to be leading to his death. Now we have a man confused by all of this, even daring to contend with God, a man ripe for the glory of God to appear and question him. He will ply him with questions requiring Job to answer until he sees and gains understanding of the difference between trusting his life into the arms of religion, as opposed to trusting it to the Word of the truth of God as delivered by His Spirit.

He quickly responds and comes to some kind of understanding through these questions of the purposes of God in taking man through a wilderness experience, where he finally trusts in God for the salvation of his life. This understanding brings him to a place where he can see the futility of religious practices, which elevate man’s pride in the works of his own hands, which we could say, serve the gods of Babylon (Nimrod) and those of Olympus, the mythical, secular gods of the Antichrist and HUNTER of man’s souls.

And so we have Behemoth (a type of Christ) and Leviathan (a type of the Antichrist), two very different sorts of beasts presented to Job, which to this day represent the battle raging here in America, as it forges its way throughout the entire world from east to west and from north to south. It all leads to the presentation of Job before the very throne of God to be questioned as no man ever has been before him, or after him, until Jesus took Paul the apostle to the throne of His Father, and at this, the time of His second coming, when He will do the same for His bride, who will need enormous understanding if she, the elect lady of the Lord, is to defeat the serpent clothed in his formidable armor of religious scales. He arises out of the sea the moment she appears on the pathway of the moon, clothed in the light of the sun, wearing the crown of twelve stars belonging to the full house of Israel.

Like Paul, the Lord will take His bride to meet the Father. How will this happen? The Lord tells us back in Genesis, chapter 28. He will do so in a vision as He did in a dream for Jacob, the son of Isaac, the son of the inheritance of his father, Abraham with whom God made His covenant. He was on his way to find a bride for himself. In his dream, Jacob saw a ladder that extended from earth to heaven with the angels of God ascending and descending upon it. The Lord stood above it and said that He was the Lord God of Abraham and Isaac. The Lord said that He would give the land, on which Jacob lay, to him and his descendants. They shall be as the dust of the earth, spread abroad from the West and the East, to the North and the South; and in Jacob’s seed, all the families of the earth would be blessed.

Jacob awoke to realise that the Lord had been in that place. It was none other than the house of God, and the gate of heaven. He took the stone that was under his head, set it up as a pillar and poured oil on top of it as if to anoint it. He named the place Bethel (house of God), but it had originally been called Luz. This is to suggest an almond tree, a tree that blossoms before its leaves appear for the healing of the nation. Aaron’s staff, a branch of the almond tree, did exactly that overnight and even produced fruit to signify his role as the chosen high priest of the Israelites during their journey through the wilderness.

Jesus is showing us in prophecy that this house of Israel has one High Priest and His name is Jesus. Only when the apostolic church has seen revival and its long-awaited good fruit of the final, true apostolic witness has appeared, will it be time for the leaves to appear for the healing of the nation of God. This occurs at the time of the end when the angels ascend and descend on the ladder to heaven. This will be when Jesus presents the full house of Israel to the Father--early and latter-day apostolic church, along with the remnant of the house of Judah of those who were faithful and obedient to God while seated under the covering of the nation’s fig tree (see John 1:47-51).

Jacob made a vow to God pledging that if the Lord would keep him on the Way leading to the kingdom then the Lord would be his God. This would also entail feeding him the grain as a form of the bread of life, the grain, which only the Lord Himself can provide as the heavenly manna, which comes down from above, in the form of the testimony of Jesus given in the spirit of prophecy, which only He can open as revelation to His bride. He is the only One who can breathe the breath of understanding into her. Hers will be the true witness void of any religion. Added to this was Jacob’s need for the proper clothing of pure, white, linen robes, so that he could return to the Father’s house, appropriately attired before such majesty. Little did he know that he would be seated at the wedding feast of the true, sacrificial Lamb. He would ascend on that very rock where his head lay, which he himself had anointed.

“No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6).”

After all of Job’s revelation from God through questions and answers, it was time for him to take his marvelous understanding back to the religious priesthood and to pray for them, especially those who truly were seeking the glory of God, which will always point back to the Father and to no other man than Jesus, His Son. He is the Lord whom His bride adores (see Song of Solomon). He calls for her voice to be heard as the final voice of God from heaven at this momentous period of time in the covenant with Abraham; it is when the 7 thunders have been uttered and the mysteries of God are finished, as declared by His servants, the prophets. The final prophetic voice of the bride who has the stored the grain of prophecy for the last time completes the 7 thundering voices, each of which brings with them a new feature to the covenant of Abraham as it evolves and grows in the fullness of time.

Jesus asked His disciples who men say He is. Simon answered to say that He is the Christ, the Son of the living God. Jesus answered him by saying that he was blessed, for flesh and blood had not revealed this to him, but rather His Father who is in heaven. At this point Jesus calls Simon by a new name, Peter (Petra), which means a little stone. But He distinguishes this term from that of a rock or cornerstone, which He applies to Himself when He says that upon this Rock He will build His church with the smaller stones referring to the church’s solid, rock foundation of truth.

Jesus went on to give the keys of the kingdom of heaven to His church, for upon them He will breathe the understanding, as did Joseph, when he delivered the grain to his brothers, to prepare them to become the witnesses to the world of the message of liberty in the truth of God and His Law that would rule in perfect justice over His nation. Ultimately His bride will deliver the grain of the end days as the message for the victory of those who hear and receive her full witness of the Scriptures before the return of the Lord.

This brings us back to the present, to HUNTER and the drying up of the Euphrates as the spirits of the fallen angels are unleashed from the East at the same time God’s true church is being restored in the West. It is a clash between East and West, evil and good, and, Left and Right. All the six millennia are now moving quickly toward the showdown between the devil who wants to be worshiped like the Most High God, and the Lord Himself.

The greatest desire of the devil is to be rid of the bride and her light, which is derived from the Son who is ready and prepared with her questions and answers of understanding—the same understanding as was breathed by the risen Lord upon His disciples first, while on the road to Emmaus, and afterward, upon His apostles the same night as He arose from the grave. Is there anything more important to do than to give His servants the necessary understanding for the times when witnessing to a world in darkness and without understanding? It will be the first priority of the devil, or the antichrist spirit, to use scientific technology and the airways over which he rules in order to destroy the Spirit in man, particularly that of the pure church in America.

First of all, what better method than to create a plastic-type of disease, which could run its course, only to settle on the flesh as a form of boils, like those which tortured Job? If it could be contained by the East in a Wuhan Lab, then it could be loosed and exported out to the world by plane. Next, it would be necessary to line up the demonic plan with a politically-friendly agent, of the World Health Organization (WHO of the UN). How could they have been so fortunate as to have a subsidizing, American partner in crime, the sinister Dr. WHO who is a seasoned liar as well? There could be no greater agent for deceiving the people of America under the rule of God than this same doctor who has deceived so many others before this.

Of course, what better time than when he has a descendant of the hunters from the cursed line of Nimrod the very builder of Babel itself, who, in turn, has the ear of his father, the President of the United States, the very target, upon which the sinister plan is focused? Little will they know that the great serpent, China, has indeed joined forces with its own religious ilk of Babylon the great in the person of another HUNTER who lives by deception like the devil himself. “Who better indeed?” mimics the wise old owl as he cries “Who, Who!” Doesn’t HUNTER’S father have his agents in control of the airways? Together they could see that the children-friendly Dr. Suess, will never be heard from again.

So, what better plan than to put the fear of becoming a Job under natural, physical attack, into the heart of the nation? Let the sinister doctor use the plastic plague to complete this dastardly deed! Mask them and, at the same time, allow the unelected doctor to make his own laws to take the breath of life away from them, with every man, woman and child isolated from each other in confinement. Never let them know that there is a cure already on their pharmaceutical shelves. With glee the serpent rejoices in the herd mentality, which he had managed to inflict upon God’s Creation from ‘Garden days’ when he first stole man’s breath of life to take him to the brink of death.

But all of this applies to make room for the ‘coup d’état’. Our sinister doctor will endorse a vaccine from plastic science. In fact he can make it mandatory. If the right formula is injected into the body, as lord of the airways, our wily serpent, the Antichrist, can create by injection a substance to alter the bodies and brains of mankind. They can be dismembered to make receptacles for receiving the commands of the devil. Then the world will be ready to receive the message of the serpent, which could lead to the demise of almost the entire, human race. This will be a robot devoid of all understanding for there is no truth in its master the devil. “Mission accomplished for the destruction of the human race! I will be the Most High god.”

How has the evil one managed such a coup against God?

The church allowed the Roman Empire’s priest and false gods of religious secularism to enter into the apostolic body to ultimately take it captive until the end of the Dark Ages, which were brought about when the truth of the Bible became forbidden reading for the laity. Rome controlled both church and government physically, spiritually and morally until the two acted together as one. The Christian church had become a plastic religious system with the level of understanding of a plastic robot, made of nothing but transparent material.

But, there is an answer and the books of Ruth and Job provide it. It is time for the leaves of healing to reach the desks of government, which will bring healing from the only nation that has the leaf on its flag. It is because the Lord has chosen it and has placed the wedding feast of Cana directly in its name with a loyalist pathway leading to the house of cedars (the house of King David) on the Bath Road for a scrubbing and cleaning out of false doctrines. From there one travels to the King’s Street leading straight into the heart of the King’s Town. Along the street of Straight you will find it--Richardson Wharf--the old shipping dock where the grain elevators stood, which stored the grain, while awaiting shipment out from Canada to the entire world.

This is where the paths meet on the road to greatness.


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