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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                           by Elinor Montgomery

 The Music of the Universe

                                                                                                                                                     January 20, 2008

 When did God’s plan for redemption begin? Did it begin with Abraham, for God says that His portion of the people is Israel (See Deuteronomy 32:8-9)? If we conclude that redemption began with the fathers of Israel, then we could declare that God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, with Israel, the nation, being the necessary component for redemption, almost as important as God, Himself.

 Such thinking will always lead us back to the over-exaggerated, spiritual emphasis being placed on the nation Israel today by so many Christians. However, the truth of the matter is God stands alone as the I AM Who chose Abraham, to then become known as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob when the Most High divided the nations, giving His inheritance to the nation Israel.

 He separated the sons of Adam between those who would inherit a kingdom and those who would not. After all, to whom did the kingdom of the world belong, if not to God the Creator of all things and of all men? Never in a million years, did God’s plan for redemption begin with Abraham.

 The plan for redemption began when Satan was cast from the heavens for pride having been found in him, as he saw himself enthroned like a god. The Lord God cast him, and the angels who fell with him, to the earth.

 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth at a time when it had been darkened by sin. He set in motion the plan for a new heaven and a new earth. Man would be created and placed on the old earth in a wilderness trial in preparation for the kingdom.

 It would involve a plan in which first God would choose and then man would be forced to choose. He would put the good plan in place, which was going to rule over the earth versus the earthly or fleshly plan, the spirit of which was just beneath the waters of darkness, on the face of the deep. It was there that a water judgment had been executed against the rebellion of pride (the spirit of Satan). The spirit of evil had been covered over but not taken away.

 God did not begin Creation with fire judgment, but rather allowed for wickedness to reach a point where it will fill the whole loaf before finally self-destructing with the greatest explosion of all time, covering the entire earth. The evolutionist likes to claim it happened the other way around, whereby an explosion caused the foundation for the lie of Satan, which purports that with a great explosion the animal came into existence to evolve into a man.

 God put in place a 7-millennial plan of redemption, called History. It would be His story, and it would belong to no one, including Abraham, Isaac or Jacob, but rather only to Jesus, the Way back to the kingdom inheritance. It would be a History that points prophetically to both Him and the gift of God to His Son of a bride fitting for a marriage bed that will produce good fruit in the form of spiritual sons and daughters for God.

 There is music in the universe, something, which humans rarely have heard. It is like a great symphony being orchestrated, of which God is not only the Composer and the Writer, but is also the Orchestra Leader. The music is the result of worship and a perfect performance is the result of perfect worship. Joy is the result of our souls uniting in harmony with God, so that we can experience this music.

 Of such is the spiritual marriage bed of God to man. The expression of the music is in the love and interaction between the two. Hence, we have the “Song of Solomon” understood only within the hearts of the Shulamite and her Beloved. The daughters of Jerusalem had no idea what it was the Shulamite saw in her Beloved, for their eyes were focused on Solomon, a worldly king who was tied up with paganism and unable to hear the music of the universe. He had forsaken perfect worship in God, for he was the next generation after his father David, a man whose heart beat in unison with the heart of God.

 King David was a man of music whose soul was in tune with the music of the universe. His music soothed the soul of another worldly king whose soul was in great distress because he had been disconnected from the Spirit of God. His distress would be alleviated only when he heard the music of God played by David.

 Then, there are Moses’ instructions to the people of Israel to not forsake their God in good times when they are living off the fat of the land. His call to worship to the nation was recorded as a song.

 One can never forget the song of Mary after the angel Gabriel had announced to her that she would bear the Son of God. She broke into a song of perfect worship, a song that speaks into the hearts of all brides of Christ, who are born again in the Spirit, causing their hearts to, likewise, magnify the Lord. Such a woman experiences new life as she comes alive again with the breath of life being breathed into her. She is blessed among women.

 But, with the birth of Gnosticism, we have the seeds of discord sown into the symphonic performance. It begins by trying to reshape the Creator into a form of intelligent design. It is accomplished by a micro-mini mindset, which wants to rest on its own intelligence of human understanding. This is what we call Humanism, a concept hating the confines of a regimented orchestra under the restrictions of an orchestra leader.

 Humanism is very evident in the mindset of one who wants to play solo and seeks the acclaim for him/her regardless of the disruption to the harmonious sound. This kind of mindset will happily recognize the pagan symbol of ‘mother nature’ as being subject to man, but it will never understand the music of the universe and man’s subjection to Father God, the Leader of the harmonious symphony.

 So, what does a music leader do with a rebellious voice or a rebellious player who wants to go it alone? He has no choice but to get rid of him if he cannot become a part of the harmonious presentation.

 Our youths today are wearing earphones, continuously pumping the disharmony of Satan into their souls with the music of lust. This occurs under the leadership of Satan who leads his own orchestra of discord. Don’t ask God to bless your nation when you allow your children to be part of Satan’s death culture and are content to have Bibles removed from their hearing. How dare you come to God in supplication, while you are allowing discord to be sown into the hearts of your children at the same time!

 Why on earth do you think they are becoming like a wild vine, with random shootings and purposeful killings, the products of a disobedient and rebellious youth of our times? It is a matter of time only, until our society will respond like the Islamic world responds. Cross its path and you will have the explosion of a murderous destructive mob scene. Such a picture is in complete disharmony with the true God of the universe, Who creates only harmony.

 As a nation under God, we have broken our relationship to His creative plan, bringing the same disharmony to it as that found in the Garden of creation where we were commanded to obey only Him. There is no restriction as to how we might choose to worship, but there is a restriction on whom we can worship. For we are a nation of people who have chosen God to rule from sea to sea, and He will not share His throne with another.

 This is not the land of pagan gods, nor should we encourage anyone to come into this land who cannot accept the ruler-ship of God over them, whether they worship Him or not. Of such is the importance of having new citizens pledge allegiance to God and country on the Bible, if they want to become citizens of Canada or of America. Every aspect of the discipline of classroom, courtroom and government, depends upon it. Destroy this standard of discipline and you will destroy the nation.

 You cannot be citizens of two countries under different masters and serve either one, except when you embrace the citizenship of the two countries of Canada and the United States, which both pledge allegiance to God.

 When the light goes out in our nation, her people will no longer be able to hear the music of the universe; there will be only the discordant sounds of rebellion to be heard. The land will then become entangled in the astrological signs of witchcraft, coupled with the Gnosticism that emanates from eastern religions and their cultures. True faith in, and obedience to, the one true God will be lost to the New Age movement, which is nothing but a revival of original sin caused by the old age rebellion of man in the Garden of creation.

 It is the death culture, which is sweeping this land in the form of eastern mysticism and the worship of pagan gurus. How dare we honor gurus in God’s nation while, at the same time, singing ‘God Bless America’ and ‘God keep our land glorious and free!’ 

 We are the fools who cannot see the bigger picture or hear the music of the universe. God is still Orchestra Leader, and rebellion will still get you thrown out, so you grovel among the terrorists and criminals of the underworld sub-culture. If it is a swampland in which you choose to dwell in the midst of the reptilian world, then it is a swampland you will get.

 What fools men are who think they can sign peace treaties with discordant, rebellious nations under pagan ruler-ship and actually have peace! You cannot produce harmony with discord. This is why nations must have the Light at the center of them if they are to have peace at all. It is for this reason that Light entered the world before God would even consider a good creation in which all things would work together for good.

 Jesus is that Light of the World; only in Him is there peace. As Canadians and Americans, we are called to be a light to the world of liberty in His Law. Liberty cannot be given away to nations in darkness, without their first receiving the Light of Jesus. He is the only Light that can dispel the darkness of rebellion on the face of the deep.

 Hence, it is with the statement of God, “Let there be light” that redemption was set in place. It was not set in place with Abraham, but with the nation of Israel a pattern was set in place for the reality of a spiritual nation and a spiritual kingdom. God chose Abraham before Abraham chose Him. Jesus chose to offer salvation to the entire world before the world was at liberty to choose salvation. He was the Light, Who entered into the world at Creation, separated from the darkness on the face of the deep, Whom Adam and Eve rejected.

 Will you reject Him too? Will you allow your nation to reject Him? The answer lies within you as to whether or not both you and your nation will be redeemed.