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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

November 09, 2013

Has it been Obama’s intention all along to break down the insurance companies so that government could control the entire medical association – both the doctors and their patients? You would have to be a fool to say “no” to that question.

It will then be an easy, next step for the doctors to retire rather than continue under conditions where they are unable to treat patients as they see fit, as opposed to how the government sees fit. Ultimately, through controlled, government health care, it will be able to control the population and manipulate its numbers, by carrying out holocausts of those American patriots, whom they want to eliminate.

There is a replacement plan afoot to replace the patriots with the illegals who have learned to depend on government hand-outs in their former countries, where they have never known the liberty of a nation under God, with a strong work ethic in place. The process is already in progress with the enforced legalization of abortion. The more babies aborted, the less likely a nation will survive. It is here that government is flexing its muscle over religion.

All religions will be required to comply by supporting the butchery of abortion, regardless of conflicting belief systems over the issue of when life begins for the unborn child. Religion always rests on one form of belief system or another, regarding the nature of the unborn child, as to when life actually begins. Generally, the culture has come to believe that there is an arbitrary number of days after conception, before life begins. Then, by some government-agreed-upon, magical number, suddenly the unborn child comes to life, and minds are changed to believe that the little heart, which was beating all along, beats to the tune of life, from that day forward.

More often than not, the Christians, who are supposed to have built a foundation on the truth of the gospels, will uphold the practice of abortion. The true church, which stands on truth, and not religion, would never endorse such a process of murdering unborn babies. God knew both John the Baptist and Jesus before conception took place; He knew exactly what they would accomplish in their lives and named them accordingly. In fact, He knew you before the foundations of the earth, but men, in their infinite, secular wisdom and belief systems, think they know better.

Just watch the hand of God release the flood waters and fires of judgment to destroy America, this land in which He chose to show liberty in Him, and a government based on the truth of His Word. He cannot, and never could, stand a harlot! So, what exactly is a harlot? She is one who has left the street paved with the good gold of the worship of God in Havilah to become a street walker on the streets of this world. These are streets paved with the gold of the religious world, for which truth has been forsaken. She chose Satan’s rule over God’s, even though she knows that God is the Creator and Author of His own guide book of prophecy, called the Bible, which is self-validating.

But the woman said that she didn’t care whether or not she would bear the fruit of the marriage bed in the Spirit of life or that of death; she was going to enjoy herself with the things of the world, so appealing to the eye. So be it if her offspring were doomed to die before they were conceived. God had ordained His order of things before the foundation of the world; He would be man’s God and there would be no other gods before Him, and no other rulers beside Him.

He would allow Satan to rule where man, by his own free will, elected his ruler-ship over that of God’s. The cry, which has reached the heavens is, “No God” from that group liberated by Satan from the truth in what is called by him “not freedom in God”, but rather “freedom from God” under the name of liberalism.

Can you now see why the satanists of the United States hate the ‘Tea Party’, which values the freedom and liberty offered this land by God? The spiritual war is on, which is the war of the empires under Satan and the army of God under His Son – the Christ. It is the Antichrist versus the Christ.

This brings us back to Obama, and his plans for the destruction of the insurance companies. God is a full step ahead of him and is about to show that the ears, which flap deafly in the wind and the eyes that, though open, see nothing in their state of blindness, have long ago ceased to understand that the Creator is in charge of His creation.

The Lord clearly states in Proverbs that, from the beginning of His way (I am the way, the truth and the life – John 14:6), Jesus was established from everlasting, from the beginning, before there ever was  an earth, an Eve - I mean a Michelle - and an Obama, even before there were any depths of the waters, He pre-existed it all. He was with God when a circle was drawn on the deep, when God established the cloud and the fountains of the deep. When God assigned to the sea its limits, and they could not transgress the command of His Son (see Proverbs 8:22-36).

You would have done well, Mr. Obama, to have been pro-God and not against Him. It is unfortunate for you that you allowed the “No God” voice to arise from the liberalism, socialism and communism of your liberal agenda. It is not you who are messiah over the earth; it is He who is in control of both the dry land and the water’s depths. His hand is already on this nation, and He has beaten you to the draw with floods and fires. He is going to destroy the insurance companies by letting the winds and the seawaters rage; for His heart is set against His harlot nation, which will soon become a part of a greater harlot world in a One World Order under the Antichrist.

This nation will rue the day she elected, by her own choice, a man called Obama. She has brought destruction upon herself, for God was her ‘insurance company’ against the forces of evil; “No God” means “No insurance.”

Wake up, America, before the floods and the fires consume you!