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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

January 27, 2014

If you have a piece of machinery that is damaged, the question arises as to whether or not it can be repaired so that it will function properly, or should it be thrown away. If it is beyond repair, it is thrown out. If it is repairable, then it goes back to the repair depot designated by the maker of the machinery, for repair.

If the machinery has not been treated according to the guidelines and has possibly not been oiled and kept up as it should have been, then it, in all probability, will be beyond repair. But this is not always the case if the problem is rectified and then treated in the future as the machinery should have been treated and cared for in the first place.

Our infant children are very much like such a piece of new machinery. They can be properly cared for from the beginning, or neglected and badly in need of care. The only single place you can go to repair them is that designated depot given by the Creator of all children. All of the instructions needed are actually in the guide Book, which comes with the product, written by the Creator of this most intricate piece of machinery ever created. It is both strong and fragile at the same time, something like a watch with its diamond, glass-like, inner workings.

Our children are badly in need of repair, some much more so than others; their inner, moral compass has suddenly been neglected in all the most recent products. From birth the child has been neglected until the point of schooling when it is denied that there is such a thing as a moral compass within its make-up. The trouble begins here, when all the parts cease to function as they should. Then, we have a major problem as we develop a completely, unreliable piece of child machinery, which eventually reaches the point of no repair.

The Creator is God and the guidelines are given in the words of His Scriptures written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, with the oil of life having been breathed into every child at birth. The child also has a fatal flaw from birth, which can be corrected if done so early enough. It has the DNA of the first father, Adam, through which it inherits the original sin of man. It can be dealt with, but not corrected by man, for he is a victim of the curse of sin, which means he will surely die, just as God said would happen to Adam. Because of this sin and DNA, the child has become like a piece of machinery, which will work until its parts give out and it dies.

However, the Creator has sent a special repair man, who is capable of repairing every child who was ever born. His advice for the parents who are given the job of raising the child, until it is old enough to function on its own, is this:

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6).

Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction will drive it far from him (Proverbs 22:15).

The rich and the poor have this in common, the Lord is the maker of them all (Proverbs 22:2).

It, therefore, follows that the Bible is the only guideline, which can keep a child functioning properly. It gives us the method for training a child according to the Creator God and the only way to set it on the right path of life and victory over death. This is the great miracle of Christmas offered to every child by God, the Creator, who sent His own, perfectly disciplined Son who kept His Law for us that we might live eternally again in defeat of the DNA flaw, which Adam should have corrected but did not do.

Jesus came to do the job, thanks to the great mercy of our heavenly Father who wanted to see us saved from ourselves and from a devil whose mission it has always been to destroy every new creation and take that person back to dust with him. It is the antichrist spirit, which comes against God and His Christ in the first rebellion against His Laws of blessing, which would have kept man’s machinery functioning properly with no end to his life, as was intended by the Creator-Father.

Our children have been claimed from birth due to evil rebellion, with a rod of discipline needed to counteract it. And so, today, our liberal governments say there will be no rods used upon our little darlings by the parents, or they will run the risk of having their children taken away from them while, at the same time, they, themselves, could be criminally charged for carrying out God’s commandments regarding discipline. This is just another sign that our governments are being controlled by Satan.

Then our governments tell us that there are to be no Bibles in the schools, as part of the politically correct, unwritten law, which says that truth is an offense to religious people. It all stems from the first religious lies of the serpent, which brought forth the liberalism of the Garden or the concept that man does not need God in his sense of pride, which leads to Atheism, Secularism, and formalized religions. Jesus is an offence to the religious, or to those who have grown up on religious practices and trust in them, consequently hating the truth, which weakens their shaky underpinnings.

Here is a third hurdle for our children. The moral compass within them has been destroyed. They have been told that whatever feels good is good. One man’s truth is not necessarily the truth of another and so the law of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is done away with. As a result, our children become like loose cannons running wild in the streets, waiting to take their frustrations out on others.

I was privileged to be educated in a time when we still had Bibles in the classroom as part of our everyday studies. I never heard of one, single, random shooting in the school or anywhere else, whether or not in a theatre, shopping center or any other public place, during the entire number of my school years, which included post-graduate studies. The rare family murder or any other murder made nation-wide news and could be remembered for years to come.

Today, they are happening at a rate, which can only be described as ‘by the minute.’ Who can remember such numbers, when they come so quickly? And now we are starting to forget the random mass murders, when there are so many of them. The real sadness is that those unprotected, little lives in the womb, depending on the mother to protect them, are being snuffed out by the millions. I cannot remember a single case of a girl aborting a baby when I was growing up, for it would have been a crime for any doctor to go against his/her oath to preserve life and not destroy it.

Has the machinery of the child been damaged beyond repair? The guide Book tells us that is not so. However, it is much more difficult to save a damaged youth from death and the killing of others than it is to train him/her up and keep him/her oiled from the beginning in the ways of the Lord.

The downward spiral is increasing for these children as I write, and the only way to stop the problem in a world going wild is to once again return to the parents the right to discipline their children and then keep their behavior in line with the Bible. There is no way you can replace the truth of God with the lies of Satan and Secular Humanism, which is destroying the heritage of this land.

Make up your mind, America! Our children need a miracle from above and they need it today, before the child is completely destroyed, to leave civilization, as we know it today, hanging in the balance.