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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

April 08, 2014

The progression and use of modern technology are a reflection of the times. They will either enhance life or destroy it. The degree to which they do either is directly related to man’s spiritual relationship with God. Without the knowledge of evil, you have a life-giving foundation where all things were created good for the good of man by his Creator. On such a foundation was life breathed into him so that he becomes a living being in the image of the pluralistic God.

Until man fell away from this relationship by rebelling against the perfect life-giving plan, instead, to embrace the evil of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he did not know death. It was the knowledge of evil, which led to death and the ultimate destruction of humanity by the devil. It was this spirit of death, which was behind the lure of the serpent, which introduced man to liberalism from God through the first, religious belief system. This was the means by which God and man were to be forever separated from each other by death.

By man’s own rebellion, the foundation for his own destruction was put in place. Can you see the error today in the belief that one’s goodness can save one from death? Such goodness was long ago compromised by the sin of rebellion when man rejected the truth of God for the lies of Satan. The Spirit of life cannot be returned to a religiously compromised human being; God’s creative plan does not work that way. If you choose to involve yourself with evil, then you will surely die along with it, regardless of what the world, especially Hollywood, has to tell you.

The present-day Pope, along with a large segment of the Christian, evangelical, religious system, has chosen to adhere to this lie that the serpent first presented to Eve, which caused the problem in the first place. It came straight from the wizard, the devil himself, who is the spin-doctor and weaver of the spider’s web, which ultimately ensnares mankind.

God established His nation Israel under Himself and His government for the purpose of this nation being a light to illuminate the way for men and women to return to God from an impossible death sentence. It could only be overcome by someone born again of the Spirit of God, in the same manner in which Adam was created by the Spirit of life being breathed into him; but there can be no corrupted seed of Adam in Him.

This would have to be someone willing to pay the required blood price for the sin of all men as one incorruptible and thus able to overcome death. However, the condition is that His advocacy before God would only be available for those men and women of repentant hearts, who hate the sin in their own hearts, inherited by them from the original father of mankind who passed on such corruption to you and me.

There was no way that any sinful man, caught in the web of good and evil, could ever be good enough to pay the blood price and live to see another day. All are sinful and all are desperately in need of an advocate before God, one who is born as a man without the spirit of death in him. The advocate would have to be a Son of God in order to accomplish this, but also a son of man as well. Jesus was born of the seed of the woman and the Spirit of God, which hovered over her. Remember, Adam rejected all things being good and, in so doing, compromised his pristine nature. He could never regain his lost innocence, no matter how hard he might try.

Jesus created the way back to the tree of eternal life. It was a crossover path to man’s redemption, a way, which He walked, taking with Him those whose hearts love the truth and the good and right way called righteousness, formerly closed off to man on the east side of the Garden. The day He was crucified the veil of the temple, separating God from His beloved creation, was rent wide open so that the relationship could be re-established between man and his Creator. The way of truth embodied in Jesus is the only way back to a perfect relationship with God; there is no religious route available, nor is there any amount of good works, which will do the job.

If the Pope or the evangelicals were the true church, they would know this message, which is at the heart of God’s Holy Scriptures. Unfortunately, the Scriptures generally rest, collecting dust, just waiting to be opened and to offer the only means by which man can understand God’s plan for redemption. As the God of love and truth, He established the creative marriage bed of love between a man and a woman so that they might comprehend the spiritual marriage bed between God and mankind, an amazing blessing, which only Jesus can provide for human beings. But they must choose the straight way back to God in truth; there is no substitute to be found for His Word within secular, religious books.

The direct link of technology to this blessing, rather than it having a link to destruction, was revealed to me more strongly than ever before, these past few weeks. I suffered a heart attack, as is the world suffering its own spiritual heart attack, which resulted in my having a stent put into my main artery, 96% clogged and causing a blockage of the blood flow to the heart. The stent was successful in opening up the blockage 100%, leaving it no longer clogged. The amazing working of the technology of the times was being used for the purpose of giving life where life could so easily have been snuffed out.

At the same time, the technology of destructive weaponry does nothing for the spiritual blockage, which is preventing the spiritual flow of the life-giving Spirit through the main arteries of this world. They are now being clogged with moral corruption, terror and killings, all increasing dramatically, as the technical progression of weapons of war moves ever forward.

God blessed this nation while under Him, when it obeyed His Laws and not the laws of the many religious cultures of this world. The West, with its wonderful medical technology, offered, and still offers, miracles of healing, which set it apart from the East ruled by the religious, death culture of Satan, which he introduced to man in the Garden through the serpent. Never for one minute think that Satan and his destructive ways are a myth. If God’s Spirit can cause a stupid donkey to speak, then the death spirit of Satan can cause a slippery, slimy, detestable serpent to speak, uttering his lies for him, which the woman believed.

But there are very few medical miracles happening in the Middle Eastern countries. Those same lies of the serpent are feeding the East to this day, as the foundation for the many cults found in the eastern nations. Because of the few blessings to be found there, the East envies the West and its blessing of the health care system, which have been available to the people. The East desperately wants to infiltrate the West and capitalize on these blessings. Sadly the health-care system will disappear unless we in the West shut our doors to all who refuse to swear allegiance to God on the Bible at our borders.

And this brings me to my older brother who is residing in Florida where he had an angiogram the day before mine, only to discover a stent could not be placed in his artery; for he had hardening of the arteries. It is significant that he is in the United States and I am in Canada. God gave me the message that this speaks into the nature of the hearts of two different people, yet, supposedly as one under God.

My brother’s situation speaks more closely to the heart of a people, which, if not completely closed to God by the emerging, religious culture of evil, is so hardened to Him now that the door is all but shut, as the people are about to receive the curse of death, having once known the blessing of a life culture. They are daily choosing to embrace evil as surely as Eve did, when she listened to the devil and said “Yes” to his religious lies and “No” to God’s truth.

America has a president who is the leader of a political party calling for “No God” in God’s very own country and from among His own people. Is the nation nearly gone, or are the hearts of the people so turned from God that the saving technology of medical miracles is no longer available to this people who were so blessed by Him with the latest methods of technology? Will the health care plan of one united to the devil’s lies, while rejecting the truth of God, not be one that will be destructive rather than life-giving – a curse rather than a blessing? Is Obamacare not proving to be exactly that for the American people?

We have just witnessed the present American federal government’s use of the latest weapons of destruction being turned on the Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy, his family and his cattle. The government has overplayed its bullying role to finally awaken that sleeping giant of Middle America, with whom it has chosen to play the bully. The technology and weaponry were used by Federal forces against this man with the intention of destroying him and stealing that which was rightfully his. By standing up to the bully and with a great deal of prayer, the government was forced back in its attempt to destroy this good citizen of America and his livelihood.

When did you last see a group of American men, willing to give up their lives for a cause such as this, down on their knees in the open field praying, before standing up to big government and claiming justice? Many more Americans of Bundy’s moral stature, and of those men who supported him, are needed to stand up and be counted if the results of the hardening of the people’s hearts to God are to be reversed and bring healing to this nation.

If you take no message other than this from the cross at Easter, then it will surely be a blessing to you and to the nation. There is resurrection victory in the cross but, without the cross, there is nothing but destruction. Killing is the way of the eastern religions and it can very easily be stopped at the border and kept from entering into the West to destroy it. Multiculturalism is the door opener, which needs to be shut to religious destruction. The Bible is the only way to kingdom restoration and the only way America is going to be saved from going over the cliff with the empire-building nations of the world caught in Satan’s spider web of destruction.

If they are rabbits and Easter eggs you want, then the religious, reviving Roman Empire, in the name of a One World Order, will provide them for you. If you want religion without the cross, then you can look to the Pope and the purpose-driven, institutional evangelicals who are uniting behind him to bring it to you in an institutional, religious structure such as that built in Babel and presently being built right in your own back yard. But beware! Satan is seated there and is just waiting to hand to you the religious fruit of rebellion to the truth of God.

I am afraid the progress of technology is speaking loudly and clearly to the times with this simple procedure of placing a stent into an artery running to the heart. The question is whether or not the main artery of the nation is still open enough and viable for it to be done, or have the hearts of the people been so hardened to God by lies that technology can no longer be used for the blessing of life-giving spiritual arteries, corroded by the destructive forces of evil.

And the people of America continue to play cards, golf, tennis and other sports and then watch a steady dose of pornographic movies, while joy-riding their way to the edge of the cliff. Without the Good Shepherd, they will eventually be pushed over by the bullies and fall to their deaths under the spiritual leading of the devil.

The nation will surely die as the latest technology runs its course according to the gross immorality and wickedness of the times in which we find ourselves held captive to bullies and their stupid political correctness. It is little more than the smoke-screen of a wizard, who has nothing more to offer than the substance, which causes the clogging of spiritual arteries.