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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

May 19, 2014

The antichrist spirit has arrived in America. Nothing is by chance, misguidance, ineptitude, lack of political savvy, incompetence or lack of training, which is causing America to be led to her own destruction by forces within the nation, itself. The problem is found within the masses who are like sheep, and, without good shepherds, they will eat anything they are given and will follow the leader wherever he leads them. Sheep have never been known to protect themselves from the wolves.

President Obama did not get the position he holds by chance; the controls and planning surrounding him have been enormous. The agenda, which drives him, is almost beyond comprehension, and to even spend time on talking points, as if one were dealing with a logical man and logical circumstances, is a total waste of time. He is no normal man and we are facing no normal circumstances, such as those, which have surrounded the American people in the past.

How do you think a media blackout, regarding the obstructionist views and facts of Obama’s past life, has been achieved without an over-riding planned agenda? How do you get leadership in America, which aids the enemy, as it takes the tax dollars of its own people and hands them out to the enemy abroad, while the tax-payers are left suffering in poverty at home? This same enemy, abroad, is systematically murdering millions of unfortunate Americans and Christians who support the American way of life.

How is it that the illegals, who break the law, have rights, while those who abide by the law do not? How is it that voter identity is considered a crime rather than a protection? How is it that the enemy is moving into top government positions while honorable Americans are being mocked, slurred, persecuted and literally slandered out of contention? How is it that the Obama leadership is based on lies, allowed by a public, which, though aware of it, does not care enough to put a stop to it?

How is it that a country, founded on the ruler-ship of God, now mocks and rejects Him, while praising the demonic cultures and inviting those who live by idolatry to become the new citizens of America? How is it that millions, who are Muslims professing an ideology based on killing the infidels who are basically God-fearing people, are filling American hospital beds and emergency care facilities? To the contrary, the descendants of the nation-builders and the military veterans are forced to receive healthcare befitting second-class citizens, who are often neglected to the point of death.

Can we see that the present-day, government leadership is not about good or bad judgment? It is about taking the nation down, with a giant plan and agenda behind the events taking place to precipitate it. Obama is merely a puppet on a string, put in place to serve the conspiracy.

The greater the number of illegals who are voting in the country, then the greater is the means of controlling the vote by government and government hand-outs. The illegals are not trained to establish a work ethic, but rather to latch on to the free ride, which comes with breaking the law, as opposed to keeping it. A controlling government increases its power directly and proportionately to the growth in numbers of those dependent upon big government for welfare.

Anybody responsible for creating this situation is a traitor and an enemy of the nation, which has thrived in the past because of liberty and freedoms and not because of controls. Socialism places control in the hands of a few who then dictate what one is allowed and not allowed to believe, with the children being trained up to accept such controls and dependency.

But the ticket to a government of liars and a growing number of controls rides on the back of green trickery. It is a means by which government can destroy the economy and energy self-sufficiency of a nation with pie-in-the-sky green energy. What a wonderful route to take along the way to the prevention of energy self-sufficiency by using the salvation of the minnows, turtles, bees or whatever other animal is deemed to be more important than the welfare of the human being.

It would seem that it is acceptable for America to buy oil from countries, which, at the drop of a pin, can set oil fields aflame for political reasons, caring little or not at all for the environment. Yet, the American purchaser, who becomes the enemy’s dependant in this situation, has no qualms about the enemy’s carbon footprint, while seemingly caring so much about his own. On top of this, he ignores the factoring in of shipping costs, though he has oil available right within America.

But then, simple solutions to the energy problems of America do not enter the minds of the culture-destroying, nation-destroying, agenda-driven leaders, whose minds have been seared to logic with lies, innuendos and falsehoods. It would appear that jobs are not a priority, nor is the welfare of the people more important than relationships with countries and enemies who will never have good relations with America or Israel, desiring both countries to be removed from the maps of this world.

America does not need the UN deciding how her two nations should live. She most certainly does not need to give up her peace and liberty for the cults to come in and tell her how government should be run, daring to suggest that foreign religions and foreign practices are compatible with her rule under the laws of God. They are not compatible now, and never have been. Muslims never built any mosques on the prairies alongside of little pioneer houses, throughout the entire history of her two countries. Yet they claim the right to move in and steal the rights of the people who pioneered this land, by trying to take away their heritage in freedom from religious controls through a government in liberty under God and His truth.

Religions have never produced a book of truth, and they have never lived by truth. They live by the lies of Satan, which are at the heart of the antichrist spirit, whether or not the religion is Islam, Communism, Hinduism or Secular Humanism. None of these religions has the truth upon which our governments, courtrooms and schoolrooms were founded.

Our heritage lies in truth and not in religion. Swearing oaths on a Bible is a judicial claim to its truth, not only in the courtroom, but also in the halls of government, with every part of our Canadian and American heritages being founded on the truth of the Bible. This is why the Ten Commandments are written on the walls of courtrooms and government buildings, and is the reason behind our present-day, antichrist governments allowing them to be removed. To swear on the Koran is tantamount to swearing on the lies of religion.

The spiritual battle of this world is racing toward its climactic end as the lies of Satan are being allowed to fill a world, which has totally rejected God. Do you think God is afraid? Absolutely not! He is allowing the fools to have their day before they finally destroy each other. Communism and Islam are not compatible religions, and, ultimately, the North will come against the South, with the East joining into the fray. Both want their own reins of control. They shall cause the blood to rise up to the bridles in that Land and Garden in which God originally created all things good under His ruler-ship.

But we rejected the good and His truth for the lies of religion, and then we ask the stupid question as to why bad things happen to good people. America is repeating the Garden scene by behaving like Adam and Eve, in whose footsteps Israel also followed. Certainly Israel bemoans the day she rejected God for the cults, and so, too, will America rue the day she invited the antichrist rule of the cults into her land, calling it multiculturalism, as though it were an honorable thing.

But then, I would not be at all surprised one day to see wool growing on Americans, as they wait in line for the shearing. They sit on their couches watching evil and hearing evil daily and hourly on their big TV screens, which magnify it, with the result that they also will speak evil. The only thing, which will arouse them from their stupor, will happen the day they are led to the cliff, sheared, primed and ready to follow the leader over the edge.

One need not bother to ask, “What went wrong?” It is as plain as the nose on one’s face. From the dawn of time, man has been choosing to believe the lie while, at the same time, rejecting the truth. God told Adam and Eve that they would die, and they most surely did die, as will anyone who rejects the truth of the Creator to believe the lies of a deceiver and destroyer.

The deceiver promotes that which God forbids as being illegal under His Law, and he uses God’s good creation to create his green trickery, which sits in worship at the feet of the pagan goddess, herself, called Mother Nature. Of course the devil hates the laws of God for he is the consummate law-breaker and the author of the lie and antichrist spirit, which brings death, while the Christ is the keeper of God’s Law and the author of truth, which leads to life.

The choice is yours to make, between the two. If they are the illegals and green trickery that you want, then you will get them.