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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

December 21, 2014

It was the DBIA, a group paid to support businesses in the downtown region, which allowed one of its members to influence this board to send out an email to inform all of the downtown businesses that it was not supporting our heritage Christmas plans. The apparent reason seemed to be that the initiative of a Canadian Heritage Christmas was an offense to business owners in general.

This warning letter was sent out without first consulting either myself, or any other member of our group, whom the DBIA had previously been supporting after having given us the name of their contact person with whom we could communicate. At the same time, KEDCO withdrew our list of scheduled events from their web site, suggesting to us that its support was also being withdrawn. Should a government agency, such as this, not be a little more forthright in its dealing with the public?

Communications with the City Planning Committee came to a grinding halt as phone calls and emails went unanswered. City Hall moved behind a web of silence and delays, while the transition from one mayor to another took place. The mayor-elect, while campaigning, had agreed in principle with one of our workers that he would definitely support our heritage Christmas plans. At that time, he was shown the little book, The Last Toy, which he perused, along with the rest of the package.

I had met with the editor of the local Whig Standard newspaper, who had spoken with me about releasing a story about the heritage Christmas along with our scheduled events and the possibility of running profiles on certain supporting business owners. He suggested we should wait until after the November 11th news surrounding Remembrance Day, to which I had agreed. Suddenly, and without warning, he was not answering my phone calls or responding to my emails as the agreed time for our news release approached.

It would appear, at this point, that the DBIA’s attack on a Canadian Heritage Christmas was a total and complete snow job, when the newspaper came out with the headline news on November 21, stating that our little story book for children was of great concern to the downtown businesses. At that point, the CBC entered into the act, having got wind of what was nothing more than an attack on Christmas, in the guise of political correctness and the intolerance, which a multi-cultic society has for Canadian, deeply-rooted values.

Apparently, the opinion of one, according to the DBIA, is deemed to constitute the opinion of all. Our plans were labeled “fundamentalist, pseudo-biblical, Christian propaganda”. I would guess by now my readers know that I am not a supporter of Christian propaganda and would hardly be capable of writing such. At the same time, I had to question just how much knowledge of the Bible our accuser actually has, when her store features skeletons, serpents and video games, or so I have been told by someone who actually has entered it and backed out as quickly as she could.

The Last Toy was deemed to be drawing a parallel between the witches, as in the Wizard of Oz and the DBIA. It apparently had not been taken into account that my book was written and published before I ever knew the DBIA existed. How was it possible that I could draw that parallel, although I later suggested that if the shoe fits, then my children’s book would offer the shoe horn for the organization to step into it?

The next accusation described us as being a group, which was trying to deceive the stores by hiding the contents of this little book, while asking them to give it away freely, even threatening them, if they did not do so. It was claimed that our “overly, right-wing” Christian book was not seen in advance. It was suggested that we were telling store owners that if they create controversy over this book that it would not help their businesses. In point of fact, it had never occurred to me that my simple Christmas story for children could ever cause any controversy at all. I did believe that those who were interested in Christmas would read the book, and those who were not, would simply ignore it.

In truth, every store approached received a copy of The Last Toy and some, a copy of our recipe booklet, when the aprons were offered to them. It was all a part of our total, package approach, which allowed them to see what it was that we were offering. Could the owners not read the material in front of them, which would probably take a very few minutes to do so? It quickly became evident that certain store owners were excited enough to accept the package, and then read it later. Upon doing so, a merchant who really enjoyed the book called for more aprons and books. Only one of the many stores approached called and asked us to take everything back.

That same, particular store owner later sent a letter to the editor of the newspaper claiming that his most lucrative time of the year was being interrupted by the City, which had ordered street closures to hold Christmas activities for the children, which actually were part of our original plan, and it was affecting his Christmas business. It would appear that a commercial Christmas was just fine for this man, as long as there was no mention of the real reason for the season and the message behind it. The ‘bah-humbug-Scrooge-type of Christmas, served the spirit of commercialism for this man, as long as God did not intrude upon the scene with the birthday of His Son in the manger.

Eventually, it reached the point that the DBIA disclaimer, together with the newspaper’s slanderous article, was enough to incite threats against supporting business owners. Terrorizing letters, along with the newspaper article, were posted on their doors claiming they were handing out bigoted and discriminatory literature and that this kind of intolerance was totally unacceptable as they promote “hate” to the children. It was stated that the store owners did not realize that the “witches” referred to in the book were fellow business owners. Really!

The bullying, unsigned letter writer threatened to go to that great bastion of justice called the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and charge the threatened store owners, with charges, generally, so costly to refute that the charged either submits to the terrorist or he/she can be ruined financially, whether or not innocent of the charges. The accuser generally goes ‘scot-free’, while the accused foots the ensuing court costs set by more government political appointees, who act as judge and jury, without any real qualifications to do so.

It has happened to many others, before this situation, including Ezra Levant, who lost his newspaper over ‘cooked-up’ charges, Mark Steyn, one of the finest news commentators of the day, and Connie Fournier of Free Dominion, all innocent of accusations leveled against them, as they continue to do battle in biased courts. Such terrorizing is nothing short of being well calculated “con jobs of bullies” who are highly organized left-wingers filling government positions, which are financed by the tax-payers.

These events in Kingston, merely demonstrate to Canadians just how deeply the cults of our society have infiltrated every aspect of the government in an attempt to destroy the heritage our Canadian Constitution has given to us. The Christian Heritage Party might move out of its doldrums, if it were to become our Canadian Heritage Party and stand for the truth, rather than try to represent the many religious factions of Christianity. They could begin coloring outside of their restricted borders of religion and stand on the truth of the Bible, whereby they could reach a much stronger segment of the society and possibly even taste some victory.

We have seen such senseless attacks in the United States for some time now as an ongoing cancer in her society, but do not think for a minute that it is not happening right here in Canada! Christmas is the simplest and easiest target, counting on the intolerance weapon, which, without a doubt, is held in the hands of the most intolerant group to be found in this country. They come out of the multitude of cults being welcomed here, the vitriol of which is being spread through the school system and the courtrooms, both under government control, which, at the municipal level, are the same controls that have come against a Canadian Heritage Christmas.

Through the Charter of Rights they are being given minority rights to destroy the heritage of Canada. God gives no right to anyone to come into His country, over which we have given Him ruler-ship from sea to sea, and then set up the idols of the cults in defiance of His first of the Ten Commandments. Do you know what He does with a country like this? It is clearly stated in the Bible and is visible in what happened to the nation Israel shortly after the first Christmas.

God must be looking down on the King’s Town of Kingston (every town can be a King’s Town, just as Bethlehem was a King’s Town along with Jerusalem), with His wrath growing against those who would thwart His plans for America. As I say in the book, they are not the witches or wizards who have the ultimate power, but rather the Lord God.

Jesus took the reins of control at the cross and will return in might and power. I have written endlessly about our changing society, but have been given a first-hand view of just how far we have come, in moving away from the heritage our ancestors left us in the way of freedoms and liberties, which only come from God.

One of the good outcomes of all of this is that “The Last Toy” has become the most-read book this Christmas by both adults and children alike in the entire region of Kingston. The “witches” unwittingly became its greatest promoters. Is it surprising that one of the threatened stores had a Christian pastor come in and warn the store retailer about the material she was handing out, as though reference to the manger has no place in our heritage or in his ‘tolerant’ place of worship, which he calls “church”?

This year, I am reluctant to utter to my readers that “Merry Christmas” statement, which has become little more than an utterance of “gesundheit” after a sneeze. Are we really saying, “Happy Birthday Jesus” or are we talking about another special season for partying and family gatherings, where often no thanks is given for the food that comes from God, and not from Allah or Buddha - food, which we have been so blessed to have in this land? Of course, Christmas can be a celebration for all, but it is not inclusive of cults and their idols. Totem poles are nothing but idols, as are Inukshucks; so let us not forget this in our promotion of a multicultural Christmas.

How does one say “Merry Christmas” and choose to break God’s Law at the same time? His Son in the manger is the reason for the season, and He was born and died for all mankind. Though He is very inclusive indeed, He will not share His throne with any god other than God the Father and Creator of mankind. He says we will have no idols beside Him.

Our Canadian Heritage Christmas has shown exactly where Satan takes his stand. It is in the economic, the religious and the governmental bodies, which rule the nations. They have the number of the beast, 666, printed all over them. There are a few who have refused to take the number and willingly stand up to them, but they are as few as the numbers of Israelites who actually came out of the wilderness trek to enter into the Promised Land.

This means that there are a huge number of religious, institutional members sitting in institutional “church” pews, who are headed nowhere beyond them. They only have that hour to give to the Lord God and no more, listening to preachers who are willing not to mention the name of Jesus in prayer for they have agreed to the inclusiveness of religion while denying the exclusiveness of the cross. Where are you sitting this very crucial Christmas within the entirety of world history?

I wish you greater understanding through all of this and a Happy Birthday to Jesus. Is there room for Him in your inn of the celebration of Christmas this year? There is a miracle awaiting you. It could only be a miracle of love and not of hate, from someone who suffered for you that you might live rather than die in the rebellion of man against God called the religion of liberalism rooted in witchcraft.

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He also has rejected you from being king (1 Samuel 15:23).”

The choice is yours this Christmas – if you want the politically correct Christmas of witchcraft, you will have the world of witchcraft behind you in your economic, governmental and religious world system. If you want a higher kingdom government behind you, then it will require that Jesus is at the heart of this year’s Christmas celebration, the same One who is at the heart of our real Canadian Heritage Christmas.

Where were our religious institutions, which call themselves ‘the church’ the whole ninety-five of which we approached in this city? Did they really support Jesus, when push came to shove, or did they simply roll over and go back to sleep, while the Grinch continued, unimpeded, on his city mission of stealing Christmas away.

The city of Kingston has merely demonstrated on a smaller scale the larger scale picture of what is coming - a one world religious, governmental and economic system, satanically ruled by the antichrist spirit, non-contested except by a very, very few people, indeed. If Caesar sent the believers to the lions’ jaws, think what the Antichrist and ruler of the coming One World Order will do to those who dare to be Daniels and witness to the truth. I most certainly would not want to try and find out, unless I had on the full armor of God and were waging war on the winning side (see Ephesians 6:10-17).

I wish you a truly heritage Christmas, Canadian all the way back to its very roots, and then some, along with a special new year, in which we will all see a return to the values we have held so dear in the past!