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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

January 06, 2015

Let us ask ourselves the important questions! Do you have a desire to offer something back to your country this New Year, or are you looking for what you can receive? Would you be willing to sacrifice your time and energy toward seeing that justice is restored to the land, or are you content to sit back and look for the joy and peace the greetings offer to individuals who stay quiet and mind their own business?

I watched Megyn Kelly on Fox TV briefly last night, addressing one piece of injustice after another. The policemen of New York City turned their backs at a memorial service, basically rejecting the injustice of blame placed on them for doing their job, which came from city officials who, in fact, should have been backing them for compromising their own personal safety while protecting the safety of the citizens.

The next piece of news I saw was the criticism of Sarah Palin for posting a picture on Facebook of her young, mentally-challenged son. He was shown standing on their dog in order to reach the sink – a dog trained to help this little boy in just such a manner. The animal protection organization, called PETA, tried to demean her while, at the same time, lauding another picture of a child doing the same thing, but being displayed to the public by the liberal activist, Ellen DeGeneres, the darling of the press. There was no criticism directed at her by the same organization.

Megyn labeled Palin’s critics as being hypocrites. Is it not more than that? Is it just a media double standard, which we have come to accept or is it not a real hatred, which is permeating our society at every level? Such hate is directed at those who are members and supporters of the Tea Party, most of whom generally hold God’s truth as their standard in this country. In fact, He is God whom they hate, and they can indirectly vent their hatred in this manner, as the rest of us wimp out and say very little.

We have watched the endless congressional hearings, established by members of Congress, to look into irregularities of the President and his staff in connection with the Benghazi affair, as well as assess the IRS scandal in order to rectify injustices, if charges were found to be in order. Likewise, it was revealed that the government workforce spending was excessive and out of control, and after much interrogation, little if any action was taken.

The weeks of questioning dragged on, with Fox TV interviewers having endless interviews with the concerned members of the Congressional Committees who talked a great talk but, still, nearly two and one-half years later, there has been no action taken to punish the guilty in high places. How could it be rendered when the President, military spokespeople and the Attorney General are all in bed together? In fact, it appeared that some of the guilty received promotions with a shuffle of position.

It has been all talk, but, like the wars America now fights, there is no sign they are being fought to win and gain victory over the enemy. For what real purpose are lives being lost? We are not sure, for Political Correctness sees the Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces at home protecting the rights of the enemy on the battlefield while, at the same time, limiting the rights of the soldiers to fight to win victory over him.

Political Correctness has reached the point of being ridiculous, and results in total injustice, which will ultimately build a pathway for the complete destruction of the nation. What is correct about living a lie in order to not offend an enemy, whose sole aim is to kill you?

As we look in our collective mirrors this New Year, do we see sheep being led to the edge of the abyss, ready to be pushed over, or do we see shepherds, ready to challenge the beast for the protection of the sheep? Are we looking at stupid animals being herded onto the broad road leading to destruction, following obediently, like the stupid animals they are, in the face of corrupt hireling shepherds? Or do we see the reflection of those, who, like the Good Shepherd, are ready to take up the challenge of protecting the sheep by fighting the beast, which has nipped their heels and forced them into a dangerous position?

Since we elect government officials, we still have the right to do something about it at the polls. We pay school boards, which now control the material and agendas indoctrinating our children. We can simply stop the payment of salaries to such people, until they stop pushing agendas on the children.

We allow unelected, unqualified, political people to play the role of judge over our citizens in the Human Rights Commission’s kangaroo courts by continuing to pay them high salaries to destroy innocent people’s lives. We could cut them off in a minute from this unjust process and get rid of them once and for all, but we accept them in the package with our elected officials, without voicing any opposition to them. Is there real joy this New Year within a nation that does nothing about such injustices, while hats go on, streamers fly and whistles are blown with everyone greeting a New Year of the same old, same old, injustices?

We faced a situation in 2014, right here in Kingston, where a small group of us initiated a move to provide a Canadian Heritage Christmas in the downtown area with an aim to boost good relations between local business and the community, to make it seasonally attractive for the citizens and surrounding communities to come to shop. It was to be no ordinary holiday but rather an extraordinary one whereby the downtown would become a blessing to itself and the community in the true spirit of Christmas, found only in the manger, providing for families, and the children in particular, the things that dreams are made of.

The so-called Downtown Business Improvement Area is an association paid by downtown businesses to help and improve conditions for them. The DBIA not only became the enemy of a Canadian Heritage Christmas, but it also incited terrorist acts against businesses, which were threatened to be ruined if they supported such an initiative.

Wonderful people, artists and performers, gave their time and efforts to make this a success. The Kingston DBIA, the Economic Development Corporation and City Hall itself, collectively came against the efforts of these artists and volunteers by removing their support for the entire concept at the last moment. The workers in support of a Canadian Heritage Christmas had nothing to gain, but everything to give, and they gave wholeheartedly. Some of the tax money, which pays these city servants, came from the same people, whom they slandered in the press. Our Federal Governments here in America are no different from the municipal level of government, in their dealings with Christmas celebrations.

When do our citizens stop just saying, “Happy New Year” and begin to actually take action in the New Year to return this nation to the real happiness, which comes when real justice is restored? Since there is none in our courtrooms of the nation anymore, it would appear that this is where change must begin. We need to demand that the judges, themselves, come under scrutiny, with all political agendas banned from the courtroom. The courts cannot continue to make law, but rather enforce it in accordance with the laws of the land, which are made by elected governments and not by unelected courts.

Until we start at the top and go down from the Supreme Court to the bottom level of municipal courts and, finally, to the kangaroo court of the HRC, then the corruption will continue. Individuals who have been targeted by political agendas will continue to face the same terror our businesses faced here in Kingston by a politically motivated board and municipal groups seeking to control our municipalities and ultimately our nation.

It has been an eye-opener to see just how deep the cancer runs into the nation – from the top down to the smallest of municipal boards, all of which are infected with the deadly disease. We can sit back in the coming year by using every excuse available - too busy, too old, too tired, or even too insignificant to make a difference. In fact, you could be just plain afraid to become involved, for fear of reprisals. Then, I say, shame on you.

Our ancestors settled this country and established our freedoms at a cost, which often meant the cost of their lives, so that we could inherit a heritage in freedom under God. God was the Giver of our freedoms and liberties. Are we going to be the generation, which drops the torch for our children? If we are, then they will become enslaved by the religious cults of the empires, the same ones that were found in the Egyptian, Assyrian and Babylonian system of empires, which have been enslaving mankind for centuries.

Do you still not see that He was God who set His people free, the same God who blessed America with freedom and justice? Are we going to allow our children to be able to say that it was our generation, which decided to remove God from His dominion from sea to sea in this land, knowing it will ultimately cost them their freedoms and liberties? Without God we all will pay the price of slavery once more before the judgment finally falls on this world of darkness without the light, which God brought into it, so that we might have life and have it abundantly.

Where are the heroes of the faith today? Are we not looking in the mirror at a bunch of cowards who bow to the foreigners who come into this land demanding our tolerance for their religions? Many of them have no tolerance whatsoever for our values, and they will even demand our deaths if we do not submit to their religious laws and ways, in this our land, which belongs to our God. Shame on us this New Year if we become the cowards of Political Correctness and bow down to other gods!