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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

April 30, 2015

God created the living being in a human form of the flesh by the breath of His Spirit, as the Creator and spiritual Father of mankind. Adam was the natural father from whom God took the woman to create a natural relationship called marriage, which would lead to human fruitfulness, and life in the Spirit.

The dual aspect of God’s love was thus manifested as the Trinitarian love - that of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which embodies both parental and marital love as belonging to a God of love, all found in the holiness of His spiritual nature. In reflection of this divine love, man was to be fruitful and multiply in order to produce more sons and daughters for the Father as marital partners creating the family of God in the Spirit of life.

The family could be called the church and the divine inheritors of perfect, loving parents. Their inheritance was the kingdom of the Garden over which Adam and Eve would share in ruler-ship with God. All things of this Garden Kingdom were created good by a God and Father who could create only that which was good for His creation, which He loved and wanted to thrive as His household, while being molded to His image. What father does not want to hear the words that his children are just like he is?

The hovering of God’s Spirit was as the formative stage of consummating His marriage with His creation, or the preparatory action needed for breathing the Spirit of life into His bride of mankind. By His breath, He would breathe life into the dust to make man a living being by His Spirit.

In a similar way, the union of the seed of Adam and the egg of the woman, Eve, would produce sons and daughters for God, making mankind the spiritual bride of the Lord God and Creator. Adam’s family would become the spiritual sons and daughters of the Father, born of both the flesh and of the Spirit.

The natural seed of the man would produce the church or bride on earth in the flesh, while the Spirit of God within the man would produce the bridge necessary to span the gap between the natural nature of man, the son, and the spiritual nature of God, the Father.

Adam and Eve were the son and daughter of God, who had been given the authority to rule over His creation in conjunction with Him. All creation was present within a universe, which He had created, but it was found to have darkness on the face of the deep at the time of creation. As God hovered over the face of the deep, by the breath of His Spirit, He spoke the words, which brought light onto the earth before anything was created. He blessed and prepared the earth to receive His goodness.

It could be said that the light served creation in the same manner as John the Baptist served Jesus at His first coming. There was to be nothing but continuous light, had man not disobeyed God, the Father, like a petulant, young child who wilfully follows the dictates of the flesh, ignoring the dictates of God and His Spirit.

And so, man ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which squelched the light of the Spirit so generously given to man who had access to the fruit of the tree of life, embodying eternal life and light together. Man, instead, chose the spiritual way of the devil, which led to sure death and back to the darkness on the face of the deep, which was present before God gave the light of life to man.

What a terribly foolish choice Adam made, which meant all of his future children, or the fruit of the human race, would be doomed in the sinful rebellion of original sin. On top of that, there would be added the rebellion of individual sin, which is anything outside of the holiness and goodness of God.

Man needed a bridge over the treacherous, spiritual seawaters, which God had separated in the beginning, from the dust of dry land and from the earth, with which He had created man. Dust is the result of judgment by fire, which suggests that it was substance in need of redemption from the starting point. Only by separation from the evil spiritual waters, coupled with a change of nature, could this ever happen.

He is a mighty God so worthy of glory, who gave His only begotten Son, born of the Father’s Spirit, apart from the seed of man’s corruption. He had none of the original sin of mankind’s earthly father, Adam, and all of the Spirit of love, truth and goodness from His heavenly Father. No one else, except such a Son of God, who was also a Son of mankind through His mother, could possibly save the doomed human race. By necessity, she was a pure, virginal woman who had brought forth no fruit for the devil, nor had she known a man in his sinful state. Jesus was an extraordinary, pure Son of God by a miracle of God.

His Son became the Redeemer and bridge over the deadly, spiritual seawaters of Satan, who was the fallen angel from heaven called Lucifer. The Son’s name was to be called Jesus for He would save His people from their sins (see Matthew 1:21). He would not save all people, for all people do not want the will of God but rather their own, rebellious wills to rule on earth. It is called secularism, without God, and leads to religious idolatry and the worship of other gods. The births of Isaac to Sarah and Abraham and of John the Baptist to Elizabeth and Zacharias, were also miracles of God.

Hence, we see the spiritual bridge of Jesus offered to His apostle when Peter stepped out of the boat, in which he was crossing over the Sea of Galilee, to walk with the Lord on the seawater. Peter discovered that he needed the hand of the Lord, that he did not have the power to walk on his own over the very treacherous and dangerous waters.

Since the time of the apostles, this world has been trusting in the worldly power of man and the iron empire of Satan with its religious gods. It will trust in an iron ship to stay afloat, when it will not trust God, whom the world claimed could not sink such a ship as the huge, luxurious Titanic, named for the god of gods. The spirit of darkness lurks in the substance of this world, and it proved to be a ship of fools who depended on the works of man for their lives and not on the power of God.

The rich and famous spent their dollars to reserve a place for themselves on this opulent display of luscious fruit to which the poor aspired as well, if only to partake of the alluring lifestyle for a short period of time. They all wanted to get to America where the gold was oozing from the ground, and either return to manage their riches or begin anew to share in the American dream.

And the night was very dark, for it was near midnight when the ship came up against the frozen seawaters, while the moon and stars shone brilliantly above. Those in control of the ship had not been careful; they had not prepared for any other contingency than that of an indestructible boat; they did not have lifeboats for everyone. Most had refused the spiritual offer of the hand of Jesus, while sailing over the waters, and had not accepted Him as the door of life and only way to the Father. They felt quite secure without Him.

What pain He had felt on that cross when He took the sins for each and every passenger on board the ship! They needed not to have been swallowed up by the waters as they descended to their watery graves! They would not accept the door, which only He could provide to deliver them to safety. Oh, if they had only cared when they had had the opportunity to take the bridge over seawaters long before climate change and the waters froze in time, at the same hour when the sun would cease to give its light! The heavens and earth, which God holds in His hand, will go into upheaval, with the stars falling from heaven to earth and the mountains falling on man.

Then the glory of the Lord shall be seen and man will know how deceived he has been about evolution and all those other lies of liberalism. He had believed them when he would not believe the truth of the Word of God who tells us, over and over, that He is the only way, the truth and the life. He gave us the signs in the sun, moon and stars, and still we disregarded His Word.

He sent His prophets and messengers and we persecuted and killed them. We ran with speed to share with the Fortune’s 500 in order to buy tickets on the Titanic, the so-called ship we were told that not even God could sink. What they did not tell us was the fact that there is no empire or nation, even one as strong as iron, which amounts to anything more than nothing before God, in power - even less than nothing and worthless (see Isaiah 40:17).

Rose held Jack’s hand; she rested on the door he gave her and he went down but not before she was put in place to receive her salvation. Will you be a spiritual son or daughter of salvation or will you go down with the ship when man’s empires begin to crumble and fall away with the second coming of Jesus?

The Lord is like “a bridge over the troubled waters. And you, Silver Girl, sail on by! Your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way.”