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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

June 08, 2015

Man has been shown to be carving out his own destination by building two great and memorable ships, each in its own time. One was the biblical ship of Genesis, the ship of new beginnings called Noah’s ark. The other was the Titanic, built at the beginning of the 20th century, which could safely be described as that of the end of times.

Noah’s ark was built of life-giving wood, which can best be described as the tree of life, which withstands the waters of destruction. On the other hand, the Titanic represents that great iron empire described in the book of Daniel, which meets with its end in the book of Revelation, referred to as Babylon the Great, made of the substance of iron. It is the Roman Empire being revived to take the form of a One World Order with the approach of the time of the fullness of the gentiles.

Noah’s ark was created according to the plans of God and was built accordingly by His faithful and obedient servant, Noah, deemed to be the only righteous man alive at that point in history. To the contrary, the Titanic was the design of one man, called Thomas Andrews, who continually worked on blueprints, seemingly to never completely perfect them to his satisfaction. God creates everything perfectly according to plan, since He has known the end from the beginning, before the creation of the world. It was claimed even God could not take down this Olympian-styled ship named Titanic for that powerful and mythical god of Olympus, called Titan, still honored in the world today through the Olympic games.

One ship was built to stay afloat, moving only as the wind moved it, having no direction and no speed. Its sole purpose was for survival during a flood of the waters sent by God to cover the earth and destroy man in his wickedness of the sin of rebellion. With the sin, the world erupted into a violent culture of terror and killing.

It was judgment time upon the world, which God had created for the good of man. Noah preached righteousness, in the face of what would have been continuous mockery over the entire century, as he obeyed God and built his ark in a land where there was little, if any, rain. At exactly the right moment, God closed the door upon a small minority of the human race, but Noah and his family came out of it to become the majority who would inherit the earth.

The other ship, the Titanic, was created for direction, capable of cutting time short for arrival at its destination. By declaring that not even God could destroy this ship, man challenged Him with his ingenuity and superiority of the human mind, which could render God powerless to sink this great works of man. It became a ship, which God would not only destroy by frozen seawater in its extreme cold, but would also use as a picture of the coming ‘Day of the Lord’ and the judgment, which would come upon man just as quickly as it came upon the ship of dreams.

The righteous will be saved, while the wicked will be doomed to go down with the final, ruling government of Satan, his monetary system and his religious system, all of which have posed a lure to the destruction of the souls of weak men who have sought his ways instead of God’s ways. They rejected His guide of the Bible to instead submit their lives to the lies of religion and secularism. They are strange bedfellows indeed, but, nevertheless, bonded to each other and the antichrist government ruling over them. When one goes, they will all go into the One World Order poised and in position, not to rule over the spirit of the sea, but rather to be destroyed by it, Babylon the Great and Mother of all harlots.

Noah was told by God exactly what He was going to do and then, exactly what Noah was supposed to do. Adam also was told exactly what he was to do, along with what the penalty for his disobedience to God’s truth would be. To the contrary, Adam did not act in the faith of Noah, nor did he act in obedience to God’s directions.

All of the doubts about truth and an easy lure of the lies to do things in a more pleasing way to the flesh were overcome by Noah. Surely, according to the human way of thinking nothing ever looked more unlikely than the Word, which God gave to him. Yet he fully believed like Abraham, and went so far as to preach it to a people who believed the opposite and, as such, separated themselves from the love God had to offer to all men. Noah would surely have had a fire and brimstone pulpit in that culture of sexual immorality and every evil known under the sun for which the hearts of man lusted. There was nothing but corruption in that culture (see Genesis, chapter 6).

The end came for all flesh remaining on earth, once Noah had been taken safely into the covenant ark of protection by God. Surely, like those of the Titanic who were safely in the lifeboats, Noah and his family would have heard the screams of terror, which just hours before were voices of mocking, until all stopped and there was a sanctuary of silence surrounding the ark. The unnecessary loss would have been heart-breaking to see, as many seats in the lifeboats went unclaimed by friends and relatives. Just hours ago they were very alive and well, to have now become floating bodies in the freezing, deadly waters of the sea, no longer having the warm blood of life in them.

The saved of the Titanic, like Noah, represented those of one genealogy, which stemmed from the righteousness of Jesus. Noah was deemed to be such for his faith and obedience to the Word of God; those saved from the Titanic pictured the righteousness of Jesus, imparted to man by the cross.

The Titanic went down in two parts, representing the two parts of the Roman Empire - the early Roman Empire at the time of Jesus and the early apostolic church and the latter-day Revived Roman Empire at the time of the bride, the purified, revived apostolic church. The disaster will occur at the same time as the voice of the woman will be heard preaching and calling with the Spirit to come out of her, Babylon the Great, so as not to share in her sin and her plagues.

This is a glorious church devoted to the Lord as was Noah devoted to God. Molly Brown was the picture of such a church. She was another Mary, who submitted to God in her witness for the salvation of as many as possible from the deadly seawaters, before they went down before the eyes of the survivors and the eyes of the shepherds of the flock, seated at the oars, instructed to tend the sheep, but having no desire to do so.

Were the days in Noah’s time not as they are now – full of violence and terror, with rumors of war? Jesus told us that the same situation would exist at the time of the end, just as they were in Noah’s day and in Lot’s day – when the fire judgment came down upon Sodom, where sexual immorality reigned, with homosexuality being at the heart of it (see Luke 17:25-30). Such things are prevalent in the secular philosophies and minds of men who devised every manner of evil possible.

It has all been the result of Adam and Eve eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Wherever there is evil, it will flourish and grow like yeast filling the entire loaf. Going all the way back to Adam, the process was put in motion for the nighttime in which the looming ship, Titanic, like a ghost in the night, came face to face with the ice-cold wrath of God who will neither share His marriage bed with harlotry, nor will tolerate any of it in His house.

Interestingly, the Titanic departed on its sea journey on April 10, 1912, only to go down five days later in the early hours of the night, on April 15, 1912. With a day being as a thousand years, the biblical history of the first empire began with Egypt, where Joseph and his brothers went to live, only to end their days there in captivity to the empire. Their deliverance is associated with the date of April 15, being the time when the Feast of Passover was initiated and celebrated every year since then, when the sea took down the empire while, at the same time, it delivered up God’s people to safety. Now 5000 years later, we are on the brink of the final empire of this world, being the Revived Roman Empire, coming into existence, with the entire world becoming captive to the satanic rule of our day, under the Antichrist spirit.

One might also note that the Titanic went down a little over 100 years ago as a warning to the entire world of what is about to come. Interestingly, it has been a warning to us of the impending disaster, which is the same amount of time as Noah gave in warning to his world, which would not heed his words. How can we miss the signs of the times, when we are so good at reading the signs in the weather? Was this not the question, which Jesus posed to the religious system of His day?

It all will go down in one, final, shocking moment of judgment. When the Titanic embarked on her journey, she narrowly missed a collision with the docked ship, the SS City of New York, by a mere two feet, which seemed to indicate trouble ahead for the doomed passengers. Now that we have passed the 100-year warning point, how close will the 9/11, city-of-New-York disaster be to the time of final judgment when all classes of society will go down riding the beast to the bottom of the sea, unless the blood of the cross is on the doorposts of the hearts of those who will be saved?

Of course, in comparison, Noah simply had to sit safely protected in the arms of God, as the one whose job had become that of feeding the animals in readiness for survival for the coming kingdom on earth, where Jesus will rule and reign forevermore. The provisions had come from God; he merely had to collect and store them in readiness for the day that judgment came.

In the days of secular rule, the zenith of scientific progress, sexual perversion, the social plague of multiculturalism and a lack of any solid preaching against a united religion without Jesus, one strong voice will be raised up and grounded in the prophetic testimony and truth of Jesus. The voice of the bride who will have on the armor of God will arise in the spirit of truth, and she shall be hated by the wicked of the world whose singular goal is to do away with Israel and America. These were the nations God established under His rule to be a light to the world of kingdom living in liberty from the empires of Satan. Only the remnant of the true, apostolic church will finally overcome Satan to be the reflected light of Jesus, the Word of truth made flesh.

Jesus is the way and provided the direction for the apostolic boat, which rode over the seawaters of the Galilee, fishing for men before they should be caught in the spiritual river waters of the empires, represented by the Jordan River. There they would be swept away and into the salt water of the Dead Sea where they will thirst, evermore, for the clear water from heaven above. Water baptism in the Jordan River represented the need for man to change the spiritual waters of his life from the deadly, empire river waters of death in this world to the spiritual living water from above, before going to a spiritual, Dead Sea, watery grave for those who have rejected the living water Jesus offers to all of us.

They could be described as being like those on board the ship of fools, called the Titanic, who had no place prepared for them in the lifeboats of salvation. They accepted the secular minds’ philosophies and blueprints, but they would not accept the blueprints of the Bible drawn up by the Spirit of God and delivered first in Genesis, in order to provide a guide for life in the Spirit. They were so easily deceived as their hearts turned continually toward the lie.

The problem is, we have to love life and, in order to love life, we have to live life by the breath of the Spirit. To blaspheme the Holy Spirit is the one sin for which there is no forgiveness and that sin is to reject the life so preciously and generously given by the Father, only to have man choose a life of pain, in depravity and sickness while accepting the lies of Satan at the same time he refuses the truth of God. So be it! God will take back His breath as man’s lungs fill with the salty, spiritual waters of the sea, which will return him back to dust.

The final trumpet call is about to sound for the final passenger call to board the last titanic ship of destiny, departing with the victims of the world empires of man. At the same time, the silver trumpets will call God’s passengers to come into the ark-of-the-covenant promise of Abraham, which will take the spiritual house of Israel directly into the kingdom. Pray you miss the first call and respond whole-heartedly to the second.

For there is no other way, but that of Jesus who is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him (see John 14:6).