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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

March 25, 2017

In this chapter, Joel describes the times as being those of the end times when the Lord finally will bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem on the Day of the Lord. This is His heritage Israel, which is scattered among the nations. It is not the nation Israel, which is in the land today, established by the United Nations and attributed statehood first, by the United States.

It is a time after the crossover of Israel into spiritual Israel has taken place at the cross. The apostolic church is the inheritance of the Lord. It means Judah and Jerusalem are pointing to the whole house of Israel coming out of the captivity of religion and being in the line of David as the apostolic church, which received the keys to the kingdom, and now, as the bride returning to her roots of the early apostolic church.

This is the revived church, a voice for the truth of the Lord, escaping from the confining walls of Christianity, which have kept her captive and unable to separate from the religions of the world, in order to be submitted only to the truth of Jesus. This is a time after which the heritage of Israel, the true church, has been scattered among the nations with the church spreading throughout the world.

There is a gathering from many nations of the church in America at the present time, where the constitutions of her two countries recognized God and His Word, the Bible, as supreme authority over the land. They did not recognize any religion or religious high priest having any jurisdiction over them. There is a widely-held misconception that the religion of Christianity and the apostolic church, which Jesus Christ founded on the rock-solid foundation of truth, are one and the same thing. They are not. The only High Priest of His church is Jesus, Himself, and He is the only authority who rules over this land of liberty with God who seated Him with Him at the Father’s right hand.

Of course, church and state should be one in ruler-ship; there was never any intent to divide them on the part of the Founding Fathers. Consequently, the President, the judges and government, are all sworn into office on the truth of the Scriptures, the Bible. God’s Word was the supreme authority in this land, that is to say, until progressive liberalism began to spread its wings with the demand for ‘no truth’ in order to recognize the gods of the cults. This has caused our liberties, which can only come from God, to be lost. Joel is addressing this very condition of a doomed heritage being lost within this country of people, called America, who have come from many nations.

American liberties have all but waned, as America becomes a multi-cultic country of religious cults and their gods, demanding that their own cultic laws be observed. God’s people are about to be judged for having lifted their skirts as harlots for the enemy, inviting them to become one with her, not even charging for her infidelity. She simply gave the land over to the gentiles and their gods, through the process of introducing charters of religious rights taking the place of the Law of God. The hearts of the Lord’s people are divided, and the nations are playing with them like men gambling, just as they gambled for the robe of Jesus. America is becoming a victim of every imaginable and abominable form of homosexuality and spiritual adultery.

How dare Satan, the prince of Tyre, the ruler of Philistia, think he can actually come against God in battle, the God of the Universe! The Lord simply turns the spiritual wrong-doing of the sin and rebellion of His people back upon their own heads in the form of natural disasters.

And what is the sin of Satan, to which the Lord is referring? He makes it clear that the silver and gold, belonging to the Lord, have been stolen and taken away. That is to say, the gold and silver, which represent worship, have been taken away from Him and redirected into places of worship, symbolized by the building of temples and churches, where religious practices keep men within the camp of Satan. Religion makes us proud of our denominations, while believing we have a correct handle on God, which the other denominations do not have.

Yes, this can only be described in terms of harlotry. God’s people have joined academia, focusing more on Greek philosophers and their philosophies than on the Word of the Bible, God’s truth. Even Christianity and those claiming salvation have become victims to academia and the educational system, which, in this day, have lured men into believing that logic reigns supreme. They see no authority in the Word of God, which they consider to have less power than the works of man. After all, has that great academic, Darwin, not told us that there is no Creator God, only a beastly conversion, which, by some undisclosed power, has taken place, with the ape-like animal of no understanding, evolving into a man in the image of God, with the ability to understand and reason?

Again, the Lord will take us out of this world of relativism created by academia and use the ways of the beast to retaliate, by turning its spiritual destruction into natural destruction, as a means of destroying the rebellious. In other words, He will turn their rebellion back on their own heads.

The Egyptians dealt in slaves, buying and selling, as did the Sabeans, a people of slave traders ruled over by the Queen of Sheba – an intimate admirer of Solomon. He surely brought the idolatry of the Sabeans into his temple, and the religion of the foreigners ultimately made slaves of God’s people. The Lord is saying through Joel that if, in fact, it is Satan you want, I will give him to you. As religion causes God’s people to go down in battle, so too, will those involved be carried afar off from the Lord to dwell apart from Judah. Symbolic of the kingdom, not one religious person will be allowed to enter, if bringing a lie with him. This is a fact, which the Word declares in the book of Revelation.

The time of battle is at hand and it is time to call the warriors together. The church has been asleep through the church age while religion was winning the battle, causing mankind to believe the religion of Christianity to be one and the same with the apostolic church of Jesus Christ and His stones of truth. Christians have listened to our modern-day blind Pharisees, who are as blind as the Pharisees of Jesus’ day were. They pipe like Pied Pipers, drawing the people away from the authority of the Lord, by ensnaring them with the tunes of religion, which draw them into the church of their choice with the best entertainment.

Wake up and set your sights upward, not downward. What you have been calling evangelism has been the ploughing. Now it must transform into the sword of truth to do spiritual battling in all nations. For their pruning hooks will be reshaped into spears of war, striking at the very heart of God’s people. His men of the priesthood will be of little use in this battle, for the Lord uses the weak to confound the wise, and with the weak His glory will be shown as they receive great strength from Him.

Joel cries out for the Lord to bring the mighty ones to assemble and come down with the armies of heaven, to the assembly of the nations. At the same time, he calls for a great awakening, which will bring the nations of the world up to this place of judgment. This is the time of the fullness of the gentiles when evil abounds and men, having come to hate the violence and terror, which ensue, are becoming ripe for the harvest.

When the winepress is full and they have abundance, then sudden destruction will come, with men discovering that there is no power in the things of religion as they had been led to believe. What good do Yoga, Tai chi, Transcendental Meditation and Catholic prayer beads serve at a time like this? As the world begins to crumble, what good will pride of self and one’s own limited power serve?

At last, all men are called to the valley between two mountains, the valley of Jehoshaphat, the valley of decision in the Kidron Valley, between the Mount of Olives and the Temple Mount. This is in a valley between the mountain where the truth was not destroyed and the mountain of religion – the Mountain of God and the tower-building of men known as Babel. The bride will call the church to come out of her, Babylon the great, mother of sin and rebellion to the Lord, known as harlotry, lest the church share in her sins and receive of her plagues, the destruction due Babylon, just as it once was due Egypt.

The church will be called to purity; she must decide between religion and truth. She must make the separation complete, once and for all, in the valley of decision before the Lord closes the door of time, to separate the two camps. They will divide according to the truth of God and the religion of Satan.

Remember, the day of the locust is at hand, as the Lord seats Himself in judgment. Great multitudes gather as He roars from Zion with the sound of the Spirit being heard through the voice of the bride. The shaking of the earth in judgment will not harm her, safe in the protection of His loving arms. He is the strength of His true children of Israel by the power of His right hand. All people will come to know who the Lord is, although they will not necessarily know Him as His bride knows Him in a most intimate way, such as described in the Song of Solomon.

Joel passes over millennial rule to give us a glimpse of the kingdom and the holy city of Jerusalem where Jesus will reign supreme, allowing no strangers or aliens to enter who do not share in His holiness. In that day is the dripping of new wine, which Jesus will once again share with His apostles and His bride. And the land will be flowing with milk, and the brooks of Judah flooding with water. The water will never again be seawater, but rather the living water, which flows only from the house of the Lord, the drink promised by the Lord to the Samaritan woman at the well.

It was with acacia wood that the Ark of the Covenant was built. It was like cedar in that it repelled insects. The valley of Acacia is a valley where the insect nature of Satan is repelled by the tree, just as the cedar repels the moth, which eats away at our garments. This is a very desirable valley in which to be, for it is the one to which the Shepherd leads us, where the shadow of death is nowhere to be seen. Egypt and Edom, the territories and nations of religion, will become the wilderness they forced Israel to become, with violence and the shedding of innocent blood.

Victory over The Lord’s church was never on the horizon for Satan. Jesus said that the gates of hell would not prevail against her. This was basic to the promise of the covenant with Noah, and later with Abraham. The spiritual line of Judah would survive to reign forever over the world. The Lord will acquit many of blood guilt within the confines of Judah, whom He had not acquitted when once gentiles. But, with a new covenant and a new spirit-filled house of Israel, Jesus shall dwell in Zion and rule forever as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Joel’s warnings end with this good news, which we can hardly imagine as we look at the devastation in the world around us today. It is time to make straight the way for the coming of the Lord, for the judgement Day of the Lord is right at hand.

This commentary was taken from a writing on the book of Joel, written July 20, 2005.

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