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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

February 25, 2019

An unskilled, amateur builder, called Noah, lived in the Middle East where rain was rarely seen in his land. God commanded him to build an ark, or large, box-like boat according to design, and exact specifications, as given by the God of all creation. He did so in faith and a belief in the Word he received from God, and it was carried out in strict obedience to Him.

Noah was a man destined for greatness, who would be remembered throughout all of history and beyond. To this very day, some 4000-plus years later, there is scarcely a child who has not heard of Noah and his big boat-load of animals, which were saved in the great destroying Flood sent by God for the destruction of evil men. The entire human race of evil mankind, all except those who trusted in God to be safely enclosed in the ‘ark of salvation’, drowned in the Flood. It was by God’s protective hand that this one man whom He deemed to be righteous was saved, along with his family. There was no idolatrous deity, called Mother Nature, or the Goddess Gaia, Mother Earth, who had anything to do with it.

In our present times, there was a secular-trained, skilled, architect-engineer by the name of Thomas Andrews who was the chief designer of an infinitely bigger ship called the Titanic. It was named for the Greek mythological first 12 daughters of the Goddess Gaia, the mother of earth and mother of life, which, according to myth, was the first line of female dominance over men, who were called the Titans. It all goes back to the days of the Greek Empire, one of the empires of the Babylonian system of empires to which the world is still being held captive within a reviving, latter-day Roman Empire of iron strength.

It was rumored that the captain of this grand ship, while speaking in pride of his vessel, declared that not even God, the same God of Noah, who took all of mankind down, could take this ship down. Today, she rests at the bottom of the sea, returning to dust in her graveyard of oblivion. Few are they who have any memory of those who were lost on board the ship, any more than those who were lost in the Flood are remembered. It would seem to be a very precarious position to take, when one dares to challenge the will of God.

In this present day, we are looking at another situation of a little princess called Alexandria, the spiritual daughter of the mythical mother goddess, Mother Nature, sister of the mythical mother-earth-Goddess Gaia. This little princess is again challenging the God who rules over America, the same God Almighty as the God of Noah, by indicating to His society that she can restructure it in accordance with a ten-year plan, which comes from her Goddess, Mother Nature, who taught her how to quack, at an early age, along with her quacking siblings.

America has always trusted in the structure of God for this nation, as did Noah, who discovered its perfection in dangerous times, indeed. Both nations within this land have maintained that God rules from sea to sea, except for this group of siblings who are always quacking about climate change, which is about to be brought forth by their Mother Goddess Gaia, whom they believe has dominion over the entire earth, along with the help of her sister, Mother Nature. In fact, this little Princess Alexandria has a secular plan to destroy God’s society and restructure it into a pagan culture, which will worship at the feet of Mother Nature and help to enforce the New Green Deal.

She has a grand green dream for the Titan Sisters’ power grab by means of a strong feminist move, which will usher in Radical Feminism to the shores of America. “Pull down those walls,” say the princess and her fellow quackers, who believe that walls will hinder her opportunity for becoming the big ‘boss’ of America. This female ‘boss’, as she has identified herself, will be surrounded by women who want a radical feminist move to replace men in this goddess-ruled society, unless they are absolutely necessary except, of course, white-trash men, who are totally expendable. This New Green Deal, if it is to become the dream she wants it to be, must also annihilate certain animals from the face of the earth, but only if Goddess Mother Nature approves. Her main concern is to save the animals, not the humans.

No, she is going to put the great green dream in place with only enough men left to pay service to the woman, while subjecting all of them to the witchcraft of Radical Feminism. She will surely become Queen Alexandria once the world has reached the ten-year mark of its salvation from the destroying gases of Capitalism. It will be time for the One World Order ruled by the new goddess of myths, once the goddess of the earth, Mother Nature, abdicates her role to leave it safely in the good hands of the New-Green-Deal-maker, Goddess Alexandria.

It would become a real Valhalla, for women, except for the fact that there will not be any jobs left to provide the food, clothing, medicine and the simple pleasures of life, which this woman-goddess-in-training wants for her restructured culture. The government will surely run out of the green stuff, which pays for all the freebies of the green dream. How does one make the Green Deal without the green stuff to pay for it? Oh well, she is still young, with lots of time to think about that later! She only needs to quack now, and louder than the rest of them, if she is to be ‘boss’ over them.

Strange, isn’t it, how when Adam and Eve said “No” to God and “Yes” to Satan, God proved Himself to be true to His Word, which promised man would return to dust? Who would have ever guessed that Americans, blessed with liberty and freedom, would have ever turned aside to listen to a serpent-like goddess? She is one, quacking duck who preaches the same kind of progressive-liberalism-from-God garbage, which led to the first disastrous death culture that was formed on the east side of the Garden of Eden. It has expanded today to fill the entire Middle East; for that is how the religions of Progressivism work.

Our little Princess Alexandria is surely the fruit of Eve’s womb and there will be no salvation for the inevitable, back-to-dust result of her progressivism from God. Her restructuring plan for this nation is nothing, but the same-old, same-old looney tunes about climate change from the quacking-duck Leftists, and ‘th-th-that is all it is folks’.

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